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Now, that we just turned 8 yet cannot gather and celebrate together, I thought I’ll tell you my story of the beginnings, how we started off, about the road we stepped on.  READ MORE

Member’s Choice Award Winner 2018

KAPTÁR coworking space won another international award!

After being chosen by the US Forbes magazine in 2016 as the 5th best coworking space in the world, KAPTÁR got internationally awarded again. The world’s largest organization Coworker, which overviews more than 5000 coworking offices, initiated a voting, in which coworkers from all around chose KAPTÁR as the best coworking space in Hungary. READ MORE

FUN Factory – Inspired by Ghana

Anytime I told someone I was from Ghana they would exclaim in so much excitement “Ooohh Ghanaaaaa” and then follow with a hard deafening silence for the next seconds we are together, On days when I am lucky, they ask about our national football team and if we made it to the world cup this year and then I can say No and go on ahead to express how saddening that was, considering the fact that we were the only African Country that made it to the quarterfinals in 2010.