Here is a summary of all our guidelines in our everyday life. Both old and new HIPPERs can learn a lot from going through them!

Opening hours and accessing the space: KAPTÁR is open every weekday between 8.00am and 8.00pm, you can always expect our help during these times.We’ve made your access to the space easier by the help of a mobile app to be installed on your phone, however we are happy to open the door for you also when you arrive. Of course we recommend you to use the app to be independent from us. In case you find any of the entrances open without any specific reason please close it and let the team know. Also, if you’re having issues with the app, tell us and we’ll help you to resolve any problem.

If you have a 24/7 pass and use the space outside opening hours, please also look out to keep the place tidy and especially pay attention to switching the lights and air-conditioners off plus arming the place properly without anybody left in there!


Emergency exits, fire: In case of any emergencies or fire, use the main entrances to exit KAPTÁR the fastest. If these are not available for any reason, in KAPTÁR Classic, use the emergency exit on the first floor entering the staircase of the house, if in KAPTÁR Happening, use the emergency exit in the Skype room or any of the windows. Follow the emergency exit signs and if you need, you’ll find fire extinguishers (powder or CO2) in each space under the respective signages. Please abstain from any activities (candle, torch, lighter etc.) that can cause fire in KAPTÁR at all times. Just on that note: smoking is also forbidden in KAPTÁR.


Internet. We try to provide fast, safe and highly reliable internet connection in KAPTÁR, but we also appreciate it if you use it so that everybody can have some bandwidth left. Firewall settings block unwanted or banned content, while the download of extra large files is limited but approved. Of course it is nicer not to use up all available net capacities by yourself. In case you have any problem with the connection or quality of the internet, let the KAPTÁR team know so we can investigate the issue.


Meeting rooms: It might be a good idea to book KAPTÁR meeting rooms or event space in advance, to make sure you have an undisturbed meeting or event. Bookings can be made either online (web or mobile app) through our system, over the phone, via email or in person. Your bookings will be automatically charged to your account and will be added to your monthly invoice to make things easier. When you reserve a room, the team will cater you with fresh lemon water and if you needed any additional tools (markers, flipchart, projector, etc.), let us know in advance. Once you’re done with your meeting, we appreciate it if you can arrange the room back to as it was and clean off the whiteboard if needed.


You are very welcome to do your skype- and conference calls in the meeting rooms but for the sake of the community demand, please free up the room for others once you are done. Using a meeting room above an hour incurs a booking fee, such rates are highlighted on our website and booking platforms also. We have specific pricing for external, or non-member bookings, while KAPTARians with memberships can book the rooms at a discount rate including a very favourable hourly rate when booked within the day.


Workstations: KAPTÁR FLEXIE members do not have dedicated desks so if you have a FLEXIE pass, feel free to choose from whichever places are free and settle in comfortably for the day. You can leave anything on your desk during the day, nobody will touch them at KAPTÁR. When leaving, please clean off the desk after yourself. If you needed a place to leave your stuff, we can offer you to rent a locker. The more convenient you are at your desk the better, however please note, that your place ends where the next workstation starts, so we thank you if you pay attention to keep your belongings within your “territory”. If you have too many things, put them in the cloakroom or get that locker, it can always come handy.


KAPTÁR monitors, other accessories: We have several spare monitors in KAPTÁR (with KAPTÁR logo stickers on’em) that you are free to use when you need one. First comes, first served works here also, but please put them back to where you took them from by the end of the day.


If you left your charger at home or missed any cable, adapter, ask us for one, hopefully we can help you out. Only request is that you handle these carefully and bring back what you borrowed because it’s quite expensive to replace what goes missing. If you break something but bring us a new one, that’s the attitude we love! 


Printers: Feel free to use the multifunctional printers in KAPTÁR for bw/colour printing or scanning. We can also provide you with cardboard if needed. Your laptop might automatically identify the printer, but you can also add it using its IP address. The IP address is indicated on the printer, while you’ll find our member prices on a board above the printer. If you’d need to print plenty on a regular basis, choose our unlimited monthly package for better discounts. Please let us know if you see any notification that paper or ink is out, and if you need any help with installing or using the machine, the team is happy to help you out.


Guests: You are free to welcome guests in the meeting rooms when booked in advance. If you wish to work with them in the coworking space, please buy a guest ticket or daily-pass for them. 


Kids in the space: We are very happy to see your kids or family visit you once in a while in KAPTÁR so they can see where you work. It is also absolutely normal to bring your kid with you when there’s no other option, you don’t need to buy any extra passes for them, we just ask you to keep an eye on them and others can also work in peace.


Fury friends: KAPTÁR is a place that loves animals, so if you have a pet, dog, kitten or anything else that can behave in such a busy place, we are happy to have them. Important is that they do not bother other coworkers and also please look out for and accept if someone is afraid of them. 


Our voices in the office – calls, chat: As KAPTÁR is our mutual workspace, please bear in mind to use it with respect to others. You already know that everything is allowed here that doesn’t bother others, so for example, keep your phone’s ringtone quiet, also try to keep your voice lower when making calls in the space and listen to your favorite music so that others don’t need to listen to it too. And while the busy sound of people working in the space is quite likable, don’t wait for us if your neighbour starts to be too loud for you, feel free to let him/her know, as most probably it also pleases others, especially that some naturally louder people often just don’t notice it by themselves that they bother others.


If you have a shorter, few minutes call, feel free to make it in the space, but if it seems to last longer, hop into any of the free meeting rooms or Skype booths. These latter have no limitations, you can stay for longer calls there free of charge unless otherwise indicated by any written signage. There also those, whose work requires regular shorter calls over the period of a workday. They are free to do it in the space of course, but we appreciate it if they can lower their voice in the open space and simply walk into a room when expecting a call to last longer.


Cleanliness and order: KAPTÁR is the place where we work and spend many hours in day by day, so it’s cleanliness and tidiness is equally important to each of us mirroring the standards of us all. The open spaces, kitchens and washrooms are cleaned each day by our cleaning partner, they fill up and replace supplies, empties dustbins and goes over everything more thoroughly over the weekend. Despite our efforts, we appreciate if you can leave everything in order after yourself in the toilets, kitchens or café, through rubbish into the bins and clean up any spilled milk, coffee or food. If you find anything unpleasant or any problems with cleanliness, please let us know so we can forward the issue to our cleaning partner.


Supplies: It’s very important to have everything filled up properly in the café, kitchen or washrooms on a daily basis. If you find anything to be very low or out of stock in the café (sugar, coffee, tea, lemon, milk etc.), kitchen (dishwasher, paper towel, washing sponge, soap, etc.), toilet (toilet paper, towel, soap, etc.) or space (printing paper, etc.), please let the team know, we’ll fill it up immediately.


Kitchen matters: Please wash your dishes or put them in the dishwasher when finished, this helps us to keep the kitchen clean as well to have clean cups, glasses and plates available always. The fridge is there to keep our daily food, drinks or maybe some leftovers from a booking or from our meals stored for the day. Any food left in there for over a week we’ll throw out including containers, so please keep an eye on your cooling stuff too. You can also mark your containers and food/drinks to notify others they are yours or if they are up for sharing. This also helps us to see what we can get rid of at the end of the week.


Café: The reason our café can offer such a high quality selection at such favourable prices is because it operates in a self-service way that of course requires lots of care and trust. We do believe that our community can operate this system in the utmost honest way. 


Recycle bins: You’ll find both in KAPTÁR Classic and KAPTÁR Happening sides dedicated recycling bins for paper, plastic/metal and glass. Please use these with care, watch what to throw in which one of them and also wash out any plastic before disposing and also please do not squeeze large cardboards into the smaller container but tell the team and we’ll then carry these over to the large recycling bins of the house next door.


A sip of alcohol: It is absolutely fine to have a drink and relax in KAPTÁR, especially when staying late on an evening with the others on the couch chatting away time. On the other hand, please always bear in mind that others might still need to concentrate on their job next to you. Drunkenness is of course not tolerated in the spaces, so good to know your limits.


Air-conditioning, ventilation and aeration: In a common space, we can cool the place and aerate following common understanding and agreement too. Over the summer, we try to set the air-conditioning to be ideal to the majority (external temperature -5⁰C is recommended), but if you wish to change the temperature, please tell the team and they’ll adjust it as needed. The radiators are also adjustable so if you need to change, also let us know and we’ll do it for you. Please also ask those working around you if they are ok with the change.

Ventilation is continuous in the rooms, but aeration is necessary also on a regular basis, even during winter. We try to make sure this happens as often as needed, but if you feel like it, feel free to pen the door for a few minutes, just make sure a KAPTÁR team member is around and that nobody sitting at the door gets a cold.


Working outside opening hours. For many, working within our regular opening hours of 8.00am to 8.00pm weekdays is not ideal due to their work schedule. We do offer them our 24/7 passes that provide access to KAPTÁR anytime including outside working hours and over the weekends On that note, KAPTÁR is not a dorm or accomodation, please don’t use it so. 


Notifications, changes: We try to do our best with the team to inform you all about any daily news that can affect KAPTÁR, your work or any circumstances including changes in our GTC or House Rules on all the channels available. Any questions, recommendations you should have, feel free to let us know.


Safety, lost & found: Safety of ourselves and of our possessions is ensured by an alarm system, remote security monitoring and camera system operating 24/7 in KAPTÁR. Of course, the key to safety is our trust and that we look out for each other and for each others stuff. In case you lost something, suspected a theft or vandalism, or found something that does not seem to belong to anybody, please report to us. Anything we find that does not have an owner is collected and stored in the cloak room of Classic in our “lost & found” box. So if you lost something in KAPTÁR, you’ll definitely find it either when you left it or in this box.


Violating House Rules: The essence of being a community is that we are more effective together, we feel better and care for each other, but there are cases when somebody just does not fit the mutually set and agreed rules and norms. Therefore, in such cases when someone violates these norms and rules defined by the House Rules or our GTC (either once or several times), KAPTÁR reserves the right to unilaterally expel such members from the office and the community with immediate effect. This of course does not mean that we do not intend to communicate and discuss any problems arisen, as we believe that everybody is capable of change, and we also make sure to notify such member both in person and writing about the violation, but we also reserve the right to expel a member if we find it more beneficial for the community.



FIXIE extras

“If silence could speak…”, it would not be called silence. FIXIE is chosen by those who prefer a quiet, calm working environment over a creative commotion. Please contribute to keeping this atmosphere calm and peaceful! This is not about taking a vow of silence — quiet communication between FIXIE members is completely normal. If, however, your phone or Skype call is longer (and louder), please always use our phone booths or meeting rooms! For this same reason, please always close the door of the FIXIE space.

A true FIXIE member grows on the market place and not on its neighbour’s desk. Walls will never be erected between the individual workstations of KAPTÁR, only invisible boundaries. These boundaries, however, should be mutually respected. Please bear in mind that someone else’s FIXIE begins where your FIXIE ends! If you wouldn’t want anyone else intruding into your space, you shouldn’t occupy more and more areas of your neighbour.

Don’t give anyone reason to complain! (#food smell policy) We believe that everyone deserves a few minutes (snack) break even when the workload is heaviest. We therefore ask that you always consume your breakfast/morning snack/lunch/afternoon snack/dinner – leaving a long trail of aroma (which others may consider a smell) – outside of the FIXIE space — in the diner of the community space. Naturally, legal performance enhancers – such as chocolate, pies, fruit, muesli and other odourless delicacies – may be consumed at any time.


Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂