Member’s Choice Award Winner 2018

KAPTÁR coworking Budapest - közösség - életkép - karácsony

KAPTÁR coworking space won another international award!

After being chosen by the US Forbes magazine in 2016 as the 5th best coworking space in the world, KAPTÁR got internationally awarded again. The world’s largest organization Coworker, which overviews more than 5000 coworking offices, initiated a voting, in which coworkers from all around chose KAPTÁR as the best coworking space in Hungary.
More than thousand international reviews, votes and user feedbacks chose the winners, according to the best provided services.
6 years ago, when we founded KAPTÁR, we were the second community office in the country. Back then we had to explain people, who dropped in, what coworking means… since then the market has grown a lot and we have lots of competition. This makes the Coworker Member’s Choice Award even more precious to us, because it shows that we were able to stay in the front line through out these 6 years.
This coworking space, located in the heart of Budapest, between Andrássy street and the Basilica, does a lot to keep this position. A new event space have been opened across the street with the name KAPTÁR Happening, and besides the traditional hot desk coworking stations, the so called FIXIE services are offered too, for those freelancers, startups and SMEs, who want to combine freedom with a designated, tailor made, own work space.
Leanne Beesley, the CEO of Coworker acknowledged this quality, when KAPTÁR got awarded.
„The winners of this year’s Members’ Choice Award, just like KAPTÁR in Budapest, are community offices, which can provide both an inspiring environment and a community to their members, be it for freelancers or growing companies.”, said Beesley

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