Read below the first 50 most important Q&A-s organized by service types and topics. If you prefer finding information and answers yourself rather than asking us.


What is coworking?

Coworking is basically a working environment that combines the positive attributes of a café, a well-equipped office and our home environment, while surrounds you with an inspiring and colourful community to work in where you can find you connections while sipping your coffee and over a lunch together. Coworking is not something only for freelancers but also offers advantages to larger teams and corporations that are open to providing their employees a more diverse working environment as they see this rather as an opportunity than a burden.

Is this a better alternative than a traditional office?

Working from a coworking office is way more cost effective as renting your own so you’ll be able to spend more on other parts of your business. You get all infrastructure ready (strong wifi, community spaces, kitchens, skype rooms, meeting rooms etc.) and you’ll also get access to the continuously changing and exciting network of the space (closed FB group, Slack Community, intranet platform, internal newsletters) that will provide you with new and useful professional connections, potential clients.

How can I become a member?

You’ll become a member by acquiring any of our membership passes listed on the website. Selecting from this variety of membership constructions you’ll surely find what’s best suitable for your needs. If you are not sure, feel free to reach out to us for help via email, phone or in person.

We also have an intranet platform that you can register to also through our webpage After registering, here you can proceed with purchasing your pass also. Our team gets notified and we’ll get in contact asap.

It is important, that daily tickets or seat services do not grant membership, one becomes a member of KAPTÁR by purchasing any of our passes (Community Membership, FLEXIE or FIXIE passes).

What’s the difference between FLEXIE and FIXIE passes?

The FLEXIE monthly pass (4K, 8K, 13K, monthly or 24/7) allows you to work in KAPTÁR’s ground floor hot-desk area. This is an open space with all kinds of workstation types from counters and regular tables with seats to the couch and arm chairs that can be occupied in arriving order. There are no reserved seats here, you can sit next to anybody or to someone else each day.

If you find the hot-desk space too busy, we provide our FLEXIE members the option to use the free workstations (with a sign on them) of our 1st floor FIXIE room for focused work on a daily basis. Ask for an access card at the front desk when you arrive so you can enter the closed workspace. Once you’re done for the day, please hand back the card.

Further to the above, FIXIE and Co-FIXIE passes allow you to choose your dedicated place and desk in the closed FIXIE spaces of KAPTÁR Classic or KAPTÁR Happening. You can decorate your place freely and leave all your stuff safely here, and of course can come and go 24/7 any day.

What are “K” passes? How are they different from monthly passes?

While monthly passes allow you to come to KAPTÁR any day of the week, “K” passes grant you access for a certain number of days (4, 8, 13) each month (or 30 day) until renewal. You can use these days anyway convenient for you over this period of time.

If you’d run out of days, you can renew your pass anytime or can also purchase additional days at a discount price. Check what’s the best for you HERE.

Why does my pass renew automatically?

All passes at KAPTÁR renew automatically every 30 days. Besides being kind of convenient (that you don’t need to pay attention to this each month), it also has a practical, rather legal reason too. If the contract would not renew automatically each month as per the CTC, we would have to sign a new contact with each other every month that would be a huge administrative overkill with over 100 members. Of course you receive an automatic reminder 6 days ahead of each renewal, so you are free to cancel or change your pass anytime by sending a simple email about it to our team. Upon receipt of such email, we are confirming it also to you via email. If you do not get such an automatic reminder, please immediately inform us!

What does KAPTÁR membership contain?

Our members get access to the full infrastructure of KAPTÁR (community spaces like kitchenettes, skype rooms, meeting rooms for short calls and meetings, wifi and any additional amenities, etc.), you’ll be invited to all our internal and external events, you’ll get access to our complete network and online channels (closed Facebook group, Intranet, Slack channel, internal newsletter, etc.). You can build new business and personal connections plus you’ll get reasonable discounts on all our add-on services (meeting rooms, printing, coffee/tea, seat services, etc.).

What kind of programs, events can I join as a member?

There are all kinds of events we are happy to invite you to regularly. Every Wednesday, you can meet new and old members at our community lunch from 12.30, which is perfect to make new connections. And we always organize either something for ourselves like cooking together or a wine-down of a Friday evening or something more professional or specific that might interest our members. And of course, as a member, you are always welcome to come up with something that you can share with others in the community (eg. in the FB group or Slack) or with us so we can make it happen.

You’ll get notified of all upcoming events in our internal newsletter, community channels or on the billboards in the space so you won’t miss out on anything.

What is Community Membership?

We recommend our monthly Basic Community Membership pass for those who have their own office or place to work from but would be open to and happy to join KAPTÁR’s community life and our programs. Such a pass also provides you with all the member discounts that we offer too (eg. meeting rooms, seat service, etc.).

And if you think you would even come to KAPTÁR once in a while to work too, our 1K pass ensures that option to you too. It provides all what’s in the Basic pass plus 1 KAPTÁR day each month. Check for the details HERE.

I am not a member. Can I use the space?

In case you only need KAPTÁR once in a while for a productive workday, our daily passes allow you to use the hot-desk space as well as all community areas as you prefer. In addition, you can also book and use our meeting rooms as you like.

Do I need an appointment to look around or can I just drop in?

You don’t need to set a time if you want to come to us for a visit to get to know the place better. Feel free to drop by anytime between 8am – 8pm on weekdays, we’d be happy to show you around.

Do I need to book a workstation in advance?

arriving order, apart from the closed FIXIE rooms, no one has dedicated places in KAPTÁR. In addition, you’ll always find a helpful team member in the space who’ll help you find the best place and answer any questions you have.

What are the most common professions of KAPTÁR members?

Our community changes continuously, this is what makes it so colourful and exciting. Here, you’ll always find somebody to ask for help in a professional matter or to chat over a good coffee. There are all kinds of professions mix at KAPTÁR, including graphic designers, web designers and software engineers, photographers, accountants and bookkeepers, translators, lawyers, copywriters and so on and so on.

How do I contract KAPTÁR membership?

Once you’ve decided which pass you’d like to go for, we’ll create a contract online. You can do this in person or by registering online and accepting our General Terms and Conditions (GTC). Then we issue the first monthly invoice to you and grant you access to the space using the KISI remote access application, our social platforms and channels (closed Facebook group, Slack channel, internal newsletter, etc.) and you become eligible to all our member discounts and perks (booking rates, printing, coffee/tea packages, etc.). Our passes automatically renew each month, so the contract remains valid (as per Clause 2.7 of our GTC) until you change your package or request cancellation.

How does termination/cancelation work?

Our passes are valid for 30 days and renew automatically, of which, we send you always an automatic reminder 6 days ahead so you can let us know in time if you wish to change or cancel your pass. Cancellation is without any further dues once you sent us your cancelation email.

Only exclusions are FIXIE, Co-FIXIE and Seat Service contracts, whereby there is a 30 day cancellation period. These service contracts also include deposit payments upon start of the terms. For more information, check our GTC.

Can I use the meeting rooms if I am a member?

I you are looking for a quiet place for short calls or meeting that lasts max an hour long, you are free to jump in any of the meeting rooms available and not booked. Please check the time though, as there’s high chance that others also look for the place to free up.

If you’d like to welcome a client or guest at KAPTÁR, than you can book any meeting rooms at member discount rates to make the meeting as convenient as possible. Check prices and more info on our website or member portal.

What services are included/not included in the membership fee?

Using the complete office infrastructure and high-speed internet comes also with the membership, while what are on top of these are longer than an hour occupation of meeting rooms, printing, specialty coffee/tea consumption, locker or storage space rent, these are all additional services. Any recurring add-on you take with your membership pass gets invoiced ahead of each upcoming month while consumption based add-ons like coffee, printing will be added to your invoice after each month based on the usage numbers.

On top of these FIXIE, Co-FIXIE memberships and Seat Services come with an additional deposit payment which is refundable upon cancelation unless used subject to our GTC.

Is there a minimum contracting time at KAPTÁR?

Membership passes are valid for a month, however if we do not meet your expectations, you can cancel your membership 5 working days following your first payment and we refund you the proportionate fee.

Can I stay and work in the space after working hours?

You have the option to choose such membership passes that allow you to come and go in the space whenever you prefer, 24/7. If you’d like your own, dedicated workstation, then choose FIXIE or Co-FIXIE (with a team member) passes, but if you rather sit at a different spot each day, you can go with our 24/7 FLEXIE pass too and the place is yours outside working hours too.

Can you invoice foreign clients without VAT?

Unfortunately, as the location of service here is Hungary, international law defines that the local VAT regulations are applicable, which means, that we need to issue all our invoices with VAT inclusive irrespective of where our client is from.


Can I welcome my clients in the space?

Feel free to invite your client to the office for a short meeting of maximum 20 minutes, however if you’d like to have them stay longer, you can purchase Guest Tickets that allows clients to stay in the space for two hours during opening hours (8am to 8pm). Of course, if you need a quiet and more convenient place for a meeting or discussion, book any of our meeting rooms at discount member rates.

If you are a FIXIE member, you can always sit one client to your table for maximum two hours a day freely.

Can a friend visit me while I work in the space?

Your friend can drop by the space anytime while you are here, it is free for up to 20 minutes. If you’d like them to stay longer, or even they’d be up for staying for work, they can always buy a Half-day or Daily Ticket to enjoy KAPTÁR and maybe even return.


How can I book meeting rooms if I am a member?

If you wish to book a meeting room, call or email us or just come to the front desk of KAPTÁR during working hours to check availabilities. Of course, you can also manage bookings yourself on our member site under Booking tab.

How can I book meeting rooms if I am not a member?

We are available and will help you with bookings ASAP via phone, email and if you come by KAPTÁR in person during opening hours workdays between 8am and 8pm. Of course, you can also make bookings yourself easily using the Booking tab on our website.

What is included in the hourly rate of the meeting room usage?

Most of our meeting rooms have sound proof glass walls that you can cover with curtains, they are equipped with whiteboards (pens included) and are airconditioned. Our Classic S2, L and M meeting rooms have wall mounted HD screens with HDMI inputs for presentations but we can also provide you with flip charts, monitor or HD projector also (for example to our XL meeting room) at no additional cost. High-speed wifi is of course included in the price.

Water with fresh lemon will wait for you in the meeting room upon arrival.

What’s not included in the fee?

Coffee/tea, any printing or catering come as an extra. Please ask for specific packages, rates and discounts regarding these.

I need the meeting room longer than booked. What can I do?

In such case, you can check with our team member in the space if the room is booked or free following your meeting. If free, you can stay as long as you like, we’ll charge for each additional half hour started and add to your final invoice.

How can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking free more than a week before the booking date with no further dues. In any other case, we’ll invoice you for the booking and you’ll be able to use that payment as a credit for your next booking anytime later. If your booking date is within a week when you make the booking, than you can cancel that free of charge within 12 hours after the booking has been made.

Can I hold a larger workshop or training in KAPTÁR too?

For workshops and trainings, we’d recommend taking our XL workshop room that is perfectly suitable for 12-16 people around the table or 22-25 with theatre seating. The minimum booking time of this room is 4 hours.

XL Workshop room is airconditioned and is equipped with a whiteboard and flip charts and if requested, we also provide an HD projector with it for presentations. Prices and discounts you’ll find on our website, but feel free to ask for an individual volume discount directly from us if you’d like to come to us for a longer series of events.

Important to know, that the XL room is located under Révay street 10., 50 meters from KAPTÁR, in the office of an old partner of KAPTÁR.

What does “last minute” booking mean?

If you want to guarantee yourself one of the meeting rooms for a Skype call or a meeting with a KAPTÁR member, you can book the room with our team at a discounted price of EUR 3.50/hour net 6 hours before the start.


What does Postal Address Service mean and include?

If you do not wish to change the seat of your company but because of your place of living or any other practical reason, it would be good to pick up post and deliveries to your company downtown, collected by a professional team without any further dues and worries, then you should go for this option at KAPTÁR. You’ll be able to share a prestigious address with your clients plus your company logo will be put out on the portal door of one of the world’s best coworking spaces, but most importantly, we’ll inform you of any deliveries within 120 minutes during workdays.

How Business Address Service differs?

If you wish to find a reliable, registered seat downtown Budapest, choose KAPTÁR’s Business Address Service. Here a professional team handles your incoming post and deliveries that you get notified of asap after receipt, no need to worry nothing gets lost anymore. On top of that, you get one hour of meeting room use each month, you’ll have your dedicated locker at KAPTÁR and will be eligible to use the coworking space for work also each workday between 6-8pm.

On top of the monthly service fee, is there any other cost to calculate with?

Important to know, that both our Postal Address Service and Business Address Service comes with two (2) months deposit down payment as further described under the GTC. Upon cancellation of the service agreement, the deposit will be refunded, or, while the official administration process of moving a company seat or postal address can take a bit of time, the deposit can also be utilized to cover the last months of service even during the 30 days cancellation period.

I would like to move the seat of my company to KAPTÁR. What should I know of the process?

Once you decided for our service, let’s set an appointment for a meeting in person, where we can sign the fill and sign the service contract, issue the first invoice for the service and the deposit payment. To check the necessary company information, please bring along a copy of the signature specimen and the last company extract. If – for whatever reason – we cannot manage coordinating the above in person, then we can also proceed with electronic copies of the documents and signatures.

The service period starts once the first payment arrives to KAPTÁR’s bank account, when we’ll release our Seat Acceptance declaration. Also, if more convenient, we are happy to coordinate the process directly with your legal counsel.


How fast your internet service is?

The speed of our highly secure WIFI is above 60 MB/s for both download and upload. If you rent a private office at KAPTÁR or you come with your team, we’d be happy to provide you with dedicated WIFI bandwidth upon request.

Do you have any parking places?

Unfortunately, downtown Budapest is a very tough with respect to parking, so best if you park in the outskirts of the city and use the super frequent public transportation network. Of course, if it is a must, you can try parking on the streets or find a spot in a parking house like Care Opera in Zichy street. We are happy to guide you there.

Can I bring my dog/cat?

We are happy to see your pet in KAPTÁR, especially if it is house-trained and well-mannered with strangers. Prepare that we’ll be all around it!

Can I make phone calls in the space?

Feel free to make phone calls during work in KAPTÁR. Most important is that you don’t disturb the others and others being around you don’t disturb you either. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can go in any free skype rooms or meeting rooms for short calls.

Can I print/scan at KAPTÁR?

You’ll find multifunctional color scanners/printers in both of our spaces that you can connect to via wifi and use. The largest page size is A4, but if you need larger size prints, ask our team to suggest you nearby service providers.

While scanning is free, we calculate a per page price for color and BW printing with high member discount.

Can I rent a monitor from you?

Of course you can, and it’s free. As we only have a few monitors available, please ask the team ahead of time.

What other IT equipment can you provide me if I forget something home?

We have all kinds of chargers and cables for different mobile phones, laptops, Macbooks if you left yours home. So best is if you ask us, we might be able to help you. Besides these, we also have HDMI, VGA cables and converters, mouse and keyboards that we can share with you. As we only have limited amount of these, please once you don’t need it anymore, bring them back to us so we can also help others.