After long years of experience behind us, one thing’s for sure: we never laid back. The drive to continously improve our services, to come up with new and better products, packages and benefits to our members remains unchanged. Look what we have!


Our 12sqm private office became available and we’d be so happy to welcome you or a super new team you know to join our community!



Many of you may have already seen it or used it, but surely not too many used it to it’s max. But the good news is, our Member Portal has just been upgraded both in its looks and also in functionality. While we do love connect with all in person, this platform not only makes all kinds of KAPTÁR todo-s easier for our members but also perfect to share information and to reach out to the community and to each other.   READ MORE

Podcast studio at KAPTÁR

Podcasting is a widely popular way of sharing quality content these days: for many this is a much more comfortable way of consuming information. Moreover, as the number of podcast listeners increased, the number of podcast creators followed. It’s much easier to reach a wider and better targeted audience through podcasting as opposed to “classical radio”.

Why is this interesting to us?

Simply put, we really like to give space for good things at KAPTÁR. In collaboration with one of our experienced podcaster members, András Cseh (, we now have all the necessary technical conditions available to you that you need to record an excellent podcast episode. Thanks to Andris’ expertise, you will not only have the necessary professional equipment with sound engineer support, but also the option of an on-site consultancy on your content/concept and execution ideas. 

We set up our Classic M meeting room for recording, that is perfectly suitable for four conversation partners plus a podcaster in one friendly, quiet and separated room. We are happy to help with specific needs or with a bigger crew, we have the production park and the space for that too.

KAPTÁR studio prices and packages

We’re looking forward to being a part of your podcasting process! Not to mention the joy of sharing any relevant content created with our community as well. 

Our podcast studio is available at following pricing and we’re looking forward to any feedback you have!

  • 1 hour-long podcast episode (1-4 persons, without post-production): EUR 74 + VAT
  • 6 episode series: 15% discount, 12 episode series: 30% discount
  • 1 hour professional post-production (by András Cseh): EUR 50 + VAT


Our FIXIE passes serve as a safe and solid foundation for productive work, whether you come alone or in pair, on any day of the week! Adapting to changing habits, even only on a few days! We recommend our FIXIE passes to those who like to bring system and focus in their life and refuse to let go of an anchor. Own workstation with the genuine KAPTÁR feeling, adapted to your needs! READ MORE


Main terms of the Business Address Service

The meaning of the Business Address Service is something you’ve probably heard of before if you have a business or if you’re about to establish one. The relevant legal regulations can be self-interpreted, however it is important to find a solution that really suits and even was taylor made for your needs. KAPTÁR’s Business Address Service can especially be practical for all kinds of private entrepreneurs, because it makes your tax office reporting obligations simpler, yet gives you many additional perks and extras that can help you with starting off and developing. READ MORE


Something to share besides household duties

Parents of small children know best that few things are more heartwarming than when your kid climbs on top of your back while trying to stay focused during home-office work. Of course not many things that can set back your productivity more…



At KAPTÁR – amongst the first of coworking spaces in Hungary – we offer you quality light roast specialty coffee with the help of a professional coffee machine. But you need to do it yourself. 🙂


You thought KAPTÁR is not for you as you already have an office or like working from home? Well, actually most people work at KAPTÁR because of the community: open minden, interesting and real supportive people! So from now on, you don’t need to work from KAPTÁR if you would like to join us! With our new Community Membership pass, we want to make KAPTÁR’s community life, our network and all our platforms for self-development available. READ MORE


? Private office at KAPTÁR! ?
– AKA – fun community seeks its matching team! ?

Our 40sqm private office space on the first floor of KAPTÁR becomes available as of June 1st, and we’d be so happy to welcome you or a super new team you know to join our community! READ MORE

Are you two in the same boat?

Are you two in the same boat? Then the CO-FIXE pass is what you need! If you happen to be such good friends that you’d be happy to share one large confi desk (no worries, two cactuses and two family photos perfectly fit on it), then you’ll not only save money but will also get great discounts on our company seat service and meeting room prices. READ MORE

KAPTÁR: Add-ons

Everybody is special in KAPTÁR („I am not!“), and you like to tailor the conditions for your needs and set how you work. Therefore we’re keen on providing flexible and custom tailored extras to your memberships. We offer add-ons to your membership to make life more practical and simpler here. Let’s see what you can choose from:


KAPTÁR faces – Connor Feemer

Hi! I’m Connor Feemer! My gamer bros just call me co/fee!

I can work like a frickin machine, but sometimes I just blow off some steam. Let’s just say, I have ground moments 😉

I’m totally social: always up for a great coffee and I can hardly wait for the community lunches. I’m vegan though, so the only thing I get roasted is coffee, muhaha.