KAPTÁR Celebrates International Nude Workday – the 2nd time in a row!

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen more and more work collectives explore nudism and its positive effects on business productivity. This year, following a very successful first time, KAPTÁR joined the initiative again, which led to a fantastic nude coworking day at the office.

While it’s easy to be sceptical about the facts, many studies show that those who take the effort and have the necessary approach to include this habit into their everyday life can grow their self-confidence immensely and form a much healthier body image. In addition, when colleagues jointly participate, their mutual experience creates such a strong bond that equals several years of team building efforts.

When seeing real naked people – on the contrary to those images we see in magazines – , we do experience how colorful the differences are between all of us and that everybody is just as perfect thanks to all their differences.One accepting and appreciating him- or herself becomes just much calmer, relaxed and open at work.

John Tsidun, professor of social sciences of the Phoulsdey University of Illinois, has been studying the positive effects of naturism on work environments and dynamics at people’s workplace for over a decade. Study shown, that in those companies where at least one full naked day is introduced a month, rivalry, bad gossiping and intrigue almost completely disappeared.

On the contrary, real and effective communication, honest relationships, cooperation quality just blossomed. Just as with their clothing, coworkers apparently could also get rid of all their unnecessary social boundaries for good.

1st of April, 2022.



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