KAPTÁR faces – Ciaran Foley

Ciaran Foley - KAPTÁRarcok - KAPTÁR coworking Budapest

Ciaran is from Cork, Ireland, but has spent most of his life in New York and Florida. His wife is from Budapest so he has been to Budapest almost every year for the past 20 years. 2 years ago he moved to Budapest full time with his wife and 2 children so that the children could learn Hungarian and talk to their Hungarian grandparents. There isn’t much chance to learn Hungarian outside of Hungary. Their children, now 6 and 2,5, both speak English and Hungarian fluently.

What are your favourite KAPTÁR moments?

The community lunches and the little parties that happen every now and then.

What is your most important life lesson since you became a freelancer?

Learn how not to give stress will kill you. Learn how to live a stress-free life and you will be happy & productive. Most of us are lucky in that we can choose employers. If a job is stressing you out you need to change jobs. Work on your terms. 

What was the most frustrating thing about working at home?

Forcing a separation between work time and home time. In the beginning, I was working from home in Florida for a company in New York and I ended up renting an office because I just could not work from my house. I kept getting distracted. In the 10 years I’ve been remote I’ve never worked from home.

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