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Photos and videos of our daily life, special moments and events. Get an idea of the everyday life of KAPTAR, check out our gallery!

“KAPTÁR is way more spaceous than what you’d expect based on the pictures.”

Shannon, Sales & HR, Selector


A photo says more than a thousand words… so what about a video? We collected our favourite videos, check them out!

FLEXIE coworking

Everything started out from here, in 2012. KAPTÁR’s first – and for some the most beloved – space is situated on the ground floor of the Classic side. Our FLEXIE members enjoying complete freedom and flexibility work here at different desks, tall and regular counters, in armchairs or on the sofa.

FIXIE coworking

”Your own desk, your own mess” – as some of our members shared their needs with us, so we decided to build our first FIXIE space with dedicated workstations and 24/7 access. The place launched with full house in 2016, and we doubled its size in 2019, creating a brand new and highly professional new coworking space in the Happening part of KAPTÁR.


Our meeting rooms are available for both members and non-members at hourly and daily rates. In case you need a place for a meeting, teamwork or a workshop, we can offer you different size meeting rooms. They are equipped with whiteboard and flipchart, come with lots of natural light and fresh water with lime. We also provide you with projector or any office equipment you need plus the assistance of the always helpful KAPTÁR team.


KAPTÁR experience is a tough nut to understand or describe, even to picture. However, we try to illustrate to you with some photos how life is in here with us. There is always someone to share a coffee with, have a good conversation and there’s no shortage of fun community events either.


The oldest form of community life at KAPTÁR: we gathered to have lunch together on every Wednesday right from the very beginnings. Of course, lunch is only for those who are available and feel like joining usually 6-7 other participants, though sometimes around 20 members gather around the table. Besides organizing, we always prepare with a topic to discuss or framework, some activity that can fit in there.


Community life is really a colorful story at KAPTÁR: sometimes we spontaneously open a bottle of wine or two during an evening, we do game- and quiz nights for fun, pancake Fridays or a country or culture (like Russia, Mexico, Gulf countries etc.) is introduced by a member from there, but we also go outside KAPTÁR, for example to a Skybar or escape room, on a bike tour or ski trip, to do sports together or just to have a townhall meeting to discuss our matters together.


Just 15 minutes break in a week for fun, meditation and connection. While we try to be as effective in work as possible, it feels so good to just stop for these 15 minutes and be present in a situation, switch off and laugh or just focusing on something entirely different.


These crowded meetups made possible to local and international digital nomads to meet and mingle. Thanks to our community building experiences at KAPTÁR, strangers found themselves in meaningful discussions finding personal connections within minutes on these events. People made friends in a great atmosphere.


We celebrated our 7th birthday in 2019 together with our community. Just like at every normal birthday, we had a cake and speech but also a short introduction into what is the KAPTÁR experience, how we play and connect with each other, to each other.


You can check out our gallery here with photos showing our location as well as the interior and exterior of our our Classic and Happening office spaces.

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We will give you a tour and talk you through the package and services that best suit your needs.


Fill out this form with your details and preferred visit date.


We will give you a tour and talk you through the package and services that best suit your needs.


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