KAPTÁR faces – Ariele Gold

Ariele is from Austin, Texas and is committed to squelching Texan stereotypes wherever she goes. She has spent most of her travel life in Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam, where she once ran a super cool and entirely illegal motorbike tour company. Today, she’s a branding-conscious web designer and front-end developer, but she will always jump at the chance to explore a city on two wheels.

What are your favourite KAPTÁR moments?

Sitting at the tall table near the door and buzzing people in when Balint takes weirdly long bathroom breaks. I still get mistaken as a new member of the KAPTÁR staff, even though I make a terrified face when someone attempts to speak to me in Hungarian. I have no authority here, guys, but please continue stroking my ego.

What is your most important life lesson since you became a freelancer?

The more I work on my craft and the more experience as I gain, the more I grasp how much I don’t know. Expertise is relative, which is why I try to work with clients who think I know what I’m doing and surround myself with other entrepreneurs who are experts in my eyes.

What was the most frustrating thing about working at home?

Suddenly snapping out of a procrastination stupor and realizing that I’ve wasted the last few minutes (hours?) clicking through some inane internet nonsense. Probably cat videos.

Why did you choose KAPTÁR?

Of all the coworking space in the city, KAPTÁR obviously had the warmest, supportive, and active community. The connection goes a long way when you’re constantly travelling, so joining Kaptar was really a no-brainer.

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂