9 stories that made us proud


Collecting these points made us pretty proud, to be honest. We are truly happy to be have positive impact on the world around us. 

1️⃣ We had many super startups in KAPTÁR over the years but one of the oldest and without doubt yet the most successful is Drops lead by Dani Farkas. The team acquired over 30 million users and reached over 8 million USD in annual revenues on their own, without any investor or any kind of extra external support. With a USD 50 million acquisition price, Drops owners sold the company to the Norvegian giant, Kahoot! and made history being one of the largest acquisitions in Hungarian business history accomplished in only 3 years.
2️⃣ We’ve seen many romances and relationships blossom in the last 9 years in KAPTÁR, of which many were proven to be long lasting. We’re so happy to have learnt just recently that the 2nd “KAPTÁR baby” is on his way. 🙂
3️⃣ Since our opening, we’ve received all awards possible in Hungary. Probably we’re most proud of the acknowledgement received from Forbes magazine in 2016, when we were named the “World’s 5th best coworking office”. It is very close to our hearts because this award was given based on customer votes. Actually, in the same year, Dóri and Áron, founders of KAPTÁR also made it to the “top 30 most successful Hungarians under 30”.
4️⃣ While KAPTÁR keeps its distance from politics, there are important causes when we feel standing up is important. Such a situation was when Népszabadság, one of the oldest and most prestigious magazines in Hungary was shut down over one night. We invited the editorial staff to use KAPTÁR from the next day on, they stayed for several weeks working from here. Similar happened to the biggest news portal Index last summer, and the editorial staff managed to lay down the foundation of their new portal Telex in our meeting rooms.
5️⃣ Now that we are talking values and causes, KAPTÁR represented its open community at the Budapest Pride events many times, openly showing how important diversity and acceptance are for us.
6️⃣Just as other things, it is also something to be proud of in this world that we operate according to the law in all aspects. Everybody gets an invoice and we sometimes bind ourselves to even stricter rules as necessary (like covid rules, work safety, etc.).
7️⃣ KAPTÁR has been committed to sustainability and environmental values since the beginning. We try only to use energy efficient equipment and environmental friendly materials. Since 2019, we also acquire our power from renewable energy sources (costing us an additional HUF 180-200k annually in average).
8️⃣ We are also very proud of our community when for the Christmas of 2019, we delivered a real Xmas ceremony and atmosphere for the roma kids in the tiny village of Ószajla in the Hungarian countryside. We collected and packed up lots of toys and gifts and brought them a Christmas tree with decoration and stayed with them to play, sing and chat for an afternoon and evening. Some of these kids have never even seen a Christmas tree before so you can imagine how heartwarming it was seeing them marvel at the sparklers and the presents.
9️⃣ And last but not least, KAPTÁR is really international. We welcomed members and coworkers from all parts of the globe, from probably more than 50 countries altogether. It is so good to hear the stories how digital nomads recommend us to each one another, even that some only visited Budapest during their trips to Europe because of hearing some great infos about KAPTÁR. And finally, there are a few, who even decided to move and stay in Budapest because of KAPTÁR.



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