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John Edwards: 5 reason why you should choose FIXIE over office rent


How much do you shell out monthly to pay for your office rent? This question triggers financial nightmares, especially if your business isn’t going how you planned it. Everyone needs a space to work out of, but office rent keeps increasing year on year, making it difficult for most businesses to keep up. These increments hit sole proprietorships and small businesses the most.


KAPTÁR faces – Dániel Kollár

How Liverpool soccer club and the Chicago Bulls meet each other? Or what connects marketing management and copywriting eventually? Well, you can get some answers to these questions if you meet Daniel Kollar, whom we could introduce as a copywriter, however, this would definitely not cover the whole story behind who he is.


KAPTÁR faces – Attila Őzse

Attila Őzse photographer is a true example that creativity and discipline are not mutually exclusive qualities. In fact, it is the routines built in his life that make his talent to unfold possible. It is Attila, who comes to KAPTÁR every morning at the same time, works through the day, yet the result is full of creativity. Oh, and on that note, he’s the photographer of KAPTÁR too!


KAPTÁR faces – Klaudia Gál

How does data visualization make it to the spotlight?
Graphic designer and beloved KAPTARian Klaudia Gál is the only person not being a performing artist who received this year’s prestigious Múzsa Reménység Prize. An award, that acknowledges all those young professionals who contribute through their work, creations or artistic performances to the reputation and cultural heritage of the city of Miskolc.



KAPTÁR faces – János Balassa

A hard-set outsider, who eventually found his place in the world
Have you seen the guy running around KAPTÁR with Caramel[1] posters under his arm? He’s János Balassa, owner and founder of InConcert, whom we thank the brand Caramel. The road of the son of a diplomat landing in the world of entertainment lead through years in the banking and finance industries, coincidental encounters and several continents.


KAPTÁR faces – Zsombor Járosi

Chopin and Nintendo

Zsombor had just freshly finished university when he was already hunted down by one of the top picks on the list of dream workplaces, IBM Budapest Lab (previously known as Ustream). Today, he is pretty much a one-man show representing the complete EngineeringEffectiveness team himself alone. Besides this job, he is also a recognized game developer. Although everything pointed towards becoming a software developer since birth, at one point he got very close to eventually playing on a completely different keyboard.