KAPTÁR face – Ákos Hamar

KAPTÁR face – Ákos Hamar

Please introduce yourself in a few lines. What are you doing now?


Being an architect my work is focused around the digital transition of all processes and procedures of the construction industry that is usually referred to under the nickname BIM (Building Information Modeling). This topic is receiving huge attention in Hungary and worldwide as well. The core goal of my everyday work is the simplification of complex processes, execution of their successful adaptation and reaching optimal return of all efforts put into such digitalization.


What is the best part of your job?


Clearly the best part of my job is receiving the responses of satisfied clients after the closing of successful projects: when you manage to save USD 2 million in the construction process of a hospital in the US or the construction of a school in Sweden ends a month earlier than scheduled with the amount of building waste reduced significantly – due to the application of the necessary digital services and tools.


Can you please tell us why did you choose KAPTÁR?


Home office is a great opportunity I have, however being a fresh father it’s not always the simplest. And these are the days when you can find me by the KAPTÁR coffee machine or in a hidden corner where laptop monitors cover me so much that it took half a year to a coworker fellow of mine to realize on a KAPTÁR thematic party, that: “Hey!! You are Hungarian too??!”

KAPTÁR faces – Precognox team: Gábor Gelencsér and Károly Kása

KAPTÁR faces – Precognox team: Gábor Gelencsér and Károly Kása

We are the Budapest team of around thirty employees of a software engineering company called Precognox. Our main task within the company is to help clients retrieve quality user data from written text that can be transformed into useful information to the users by way of search and visualization. 


Most important life experience since you became a coworker?

Gábor: Liverpool is nicer and less rainy as it is said to be by many.

Karesz: to experience – as an introvert – again and again, that whenever I speak to somebody I never met before turns out to be something actual and exciting, becomes something interesting and good.


What’s the best part of your job?

Gábor: Getting to try out new software and making them better and more flawless.

Karesz: when I get to see our colleagues develop through participating in projects. The most uplifting result for me is when someone in our team takes higher responsibilities and executes with more independence with each and every new challenge he/she faces compared to his/her previous self.


What do you find the most exciting in new challenges?

Gábor: Discovering the unknown.

Karesz: if under new challenge we understand problems that our clients facing than it is very exciting how we unfold the best solution for the problem and how our clients also start to see and understand that our solution will shortly provide ultimate relief to their “pain”.


Could also share with us in one sentence why you chose KAPTÁR?

Our decision was based on the option that we can find an available, quiet meeting room for our online daily staff meetings. We also like it that we can shift between working seated or standing in the office. Having moved from a dedicated office of ours to KAPTÁR we find it to be a more cost-effective solution, especially now when we are growing by an additional, third software engineer. Plus we enjoy the lively downtown buzz of the city.


KAPTÁR faces – Mihály Mezei

KAPTÁR faces – Mihály Mezei

I support the team of electro engineers, who changed their profession: I work in our family business of 3 people, where we produce and sell rubber components of industrial floor cleaning machines. I am responsible for the administration and online marketing, but I’m not afraid of the production either :) Most of my leisure time, I spend with my family, with music and dancing: I do folk dancing and play the guitar, also I’m a huge music fan in general and love to go to concerts, from folk music to jazz, hip-hop to death metal, I’m in!


What did you hate most about working from home?
The lack of inspiring people of my age. I’m not very extroverted, but constantly sitting all alone between four walls is too much, even for me :) For now, I go to KAPTÁR once a week, which makes me more productive and gives me a social recharge.


What are you most proud of in your life
My family: My wife and our 2 children. They’ll be 2 and 0 years old in September. :) and that we manage to keep the balance in this new life situation.


The biggest milestones of your life?
To mention them chronologically: becoming a boy scout, a gyökpí???, becoming an electro engineer, finishing university, 14 years in the folk dance club and 2 years being a member of a band, I’ve seen many places, had a wedding, and my first son was born.


Could you share in one sentence, why you chose KAPTÁR?

Dóri Pekár, one of the Kaptár founders was one of my classmates in high school. I saw it on her facebook page. So, when I was looking for a coworking space it seemed obvious to check this out first. My search has stopped here already. :)


KAPTÁR faces – Bernadett Kocsis

KAPTÁR faces – Bernadett Kocsis

I am a writer. I write children stories and novels. I adore my job, because it gives me so much freedom and fun. My works are published in London. This year, my novel, The Caged Nightingale was published. I like KAPTÁR for the spontaneous conversations, the common lunches and the openness of the place. Last year, I was bitten by a bumblebee and it came to my mind that once I was tried KAPTÁR, so I came back.


What is the biggest milestones in your life?

The publication of my book in February.

What is the best part of your job?

The freedom. Anyway, writing is an inner procedure. I believe that the stories written by ourselves have the aim in our lives.

What is your most important life lesson, since you became a KAPTÁRian?

I am learning to fly.



KAPTÁR – clovio: Why Run a Company Blog

KAPTÁR – clovio: Why Run a Company Blog

Every business from the biggest multinationals to the smallest, most local of ventures must all suffer the same question: ‘how can we reach customers?’ It’s a tricky question, for sure, and there is no one right answer, but one of the simplest things any company can do is to provide a well-maintained blog.


There aren’t many businesses that wouldn’t benefit from pushing regular content out there onto the internet, whether that’s entirely digital enterprises like us here at clovio or coworking companies like KAPTÁR.

Here’s why you need to be running a blog for your own company.


Target potential clients


These days if you’ve a question that needs answering, where do you turn? In most cases it’ll be the internet browser icon on your desktop or mobile phone. The majority of us look for answers to our needs online, and if you maintain a blog to draw in speculative researchers, then you’re already over the biggest challenge and a huge step closer to actually converting them into customers.

In this sense, think about who your target audience is and what they might be searching for. In our case, we at clovio try to provide the answers that content creators would be looking for.


Valuable, personal connections


A company’s website is informative; it tells the reader what they need to know. A blog, on the other hand, is more personable. It allows an opportunity to express a more human side to what should otherwise remain a faceless entity, and that is important for bringing in new clients, partners, or customers.

For KAPTÁR, this is essential. As a coworking space, it’s important to recognize the people that make use of the service and by interviewing its regulars the blog creates a sense of the community that is built around it.


Establish yourself as a professional


Even if you’re just a small startup trying to make its way in an increasingly challenging market, there’s no reason you shouldn’t reveal to the world just how much of an industry leader you are. It’s about being confident in yourself, and if you produce regular content on a blog that highlights your strengths and knowledge as a professional in your particular field, then would-be clients are much more likely to feel comfortable working with you.

Our own blog, for example, covers everything that a digital media brand should, discussing the hows and whys of content creation, web design, and even managing a business.


Create an identity


Any kind of online content is putting yourself out there and, sure, the company website is the most important in that regard. But that’s not where you truly reveal to the world the kind of business that you want to be. Of course, setting the tone of the company and the work you do can be done through a professional website, but with a blog it’s more like showing your style rather than telling.

At clovio we do this to present the sort of content we create across our various website brands, using the same tone of voice, the same approach to formatting, and the same values of community-driven content that all of our work is infused with.


Be entertaining


The holy grail for any company blog is getting your potential customers to come back on a regular basis. With a captive audience in tow, you’re more likely to get those leads through engagement, ultimately resulting in more sales or greater opportunities for marketing.

For businesses who sell their products through their website – think clothes designers or cookery equipment – having a blog that draws readers in on a regular basis creates a connection with them. Over time they’ll become more likely to trial your product or services, they’ll be able to more easily find out about various events or the community of users involved with the brand.

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