KAPTÁR faces – Matt Peck

Meet Matt, our community member, who enjoys the KAPTARian life every day.

Why did you choose KAPTÁR?

When I was looking into co-working spaces in Budapest KAPTÁR was recommended time and time again in the online communities I’m part of. Any co-working space which inspires that kind of loyalty is usually a sure bet. I signed up on the first day, I’ve been very happy with that choice.

What is your most important life lesson, since you became an entrepreneur/freelancer?

While I’m not a freelancer I have helped release a number of websites and services as part of my current role. I’ve found the key is to release early and iterate often. Getting feedback into what works and what doesn’t is invaluable to building a successful product and the more time you spend delaying that release the longer it takes to get the feedback you need.

What are the fastest ways to ruin a business?

-Don’t listen to your customers.
-Don’t innovate.
-Don’t manage cash flow.
-Don’t eliminate waste in workflows and processes.
-Hire people that aren’t a culture fit.

What excites you most about new challenges?

The opportunity to learn, reach new heights and hopefully do some good.

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂