We brainstormed at a monthly event planning team meeting about how we could expand this brainstorming session into an open happening! This is how the first COMMUNI-THINK! was born! 

What if the event calendar published each month was not just a ready-made layout, but something everyone could look forward to as their own, filled with activities, urban events, and experiences that they’ve been wanting to try out with a group?

That’s why we invited our members to join us in exploring what each of us has liked so far from what we have done together, who would participate in what, and what else they would like to see.

After all, as a community office, we can find the best programmes with you, for you!

  • Community vs office. What percent of the two is KAPTÁR for you?
  • What does the perfect community event look like to you?
  • How could KAPTÁR community conribute to your life goals?
We were discussing questions like these, talking in pairs and together at the first COMMUNI-THINK! event.
People can still join online to the conversation if they missed it. In our community newsletters, we will continue to collect answers to the “research questions” that were raised.
We’re launching an idea box in the space, but most importantly, we’re still looking forward to in-person initiatives and ideas on how to make spring and summer filled with community life at KAPTÁR!

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂