KAPTÁR faces – András Attilio Tóth

Tóth András Attilio - KAPTÁRarcok - KAPTÁR coworking Budapest

Hi, I am András Attilio Tóth, and I recently became a Kaptarian. I work as a software developer, which means much more for me as a simple job: I am glad to learn new technologies or work on hobby-projects in my free time as well. Besides this, I like traveling, discovering new places and meeting new people, I’m fond of foreign languages, and I like to go hiking, canoeing, and biking. From the first time I set foot into KAPTÁR, I was amazed by the atmosphere and the kindness of the hosts, besides the great place in the city, that’s the reason I chose it as my second home.

What was your funniest/best KAPTÁR moments?

Of course, I enjoy every minute spent at KAPTÁR. 🙂 The best moment so far has been the team lunch on Wednesday. It was the perfect occasion for getting to know many other Kaptarians and learn about the countries they came from and the variety of things they are doing.

What’s the best part of your job?

What comes to my mind first, is that I can write code the whole day 🙂 However, in spite of loving the technical part of my job, there is one thing which I think is even more important: I can be part of two wonderful groups at the same time. On the one hand, I enjoy being among Kaptarians, on the other hand, I also found an awesome team at the company I’m currently working for.

What is most exciting for you in new challenges?

I really enjoy working with technologies or systems I don’t know yet because I think I can learn and develop the most in this way. Besides this, I’m motivated by satisfaction felt after successfully overcoming the obstacles.


Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂