If freelance lifestyle is something like modern knighthood, then productivity must equal the nights armour, that if used properly – in case of both an employee or an entrepreneur -, it helps you fight the most urgent deadlines, the toughest projects and our worst fear of all: wasted working hours. If you always seem to be in delay with your daily tasks, yet you have all the time needed to complete them, these tips are for you!

  1. Manage your energy, not your time!
    You can be way more efficient if you’re not calculating the time necessary to finish a task but evaluate how much energy and good mood you’ll need for that task besides all the others. For example, it’s way harder to start out on a complex project after a long work-week behind you than getting down to work after a relaxing weekend.

  2. Don’t open your inbox before noon! 
    Based on a new popular theory, a person has only limited amount of willpower and if it’s used up during the beginning of the day for such disliked tiny tasks like answering emails, he’ll have way less energy for those things that are important or those he really likes. And the fact that some tasks pending from last day plus all the new emails pressing you already in the morning will just make you so anxious in advance about the amount of your daily work that you’ll just won’t start working at all.
  3. Start preparing the night before!
    Even a tiny little thing that you check and do the night before to ease things for the next morning will greatly improve your productivity and energy. It’s even enough to just put your morning porridge in the fridge. Not only that a little rest will make your porridge better but you’ll also jump out of your bed more energised knowing that your breakfast is already waiting for you.
  4. Mute your mobile!
    The biggest enemy of your productivity and time management is your phone. Especially those addictive apps like Facebook or Instagram. Not only notifications popping up every 10 minutes but also calls can distract you. So it is just better to mute your phone or even leave it in another room. If you don’t see it, you’ll definitely won’t use it that much.
  5. Put together your workday starting routine!
    The same way you probably have your morning routine, it can be important to create something similar for your work also. It does not have to be anything complicated: can be some push-ups before sitting down to your desk or just prepare your favourite tea. While doing these activities, your brain will start to prepare so getting in your work mood will be much smoother.

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂