Book in advance for next year at a discount! As you may have read in previous announcements, the first floor of KAPTÁR will be expanded with a new office space, which the community will be able to occupy from January 2024. Yay!

There will be a new kitchen area, toilets, a larger meeting room and two new Skype booths, but perhaps the most important new feature will be the opening of a super new workshop room, 25% larger and more modern than our existing workshop room.

Due to the changes in the Budapest office market over the past 2-3 years, KAPTÁR has hosted many more smaller and larger teams. Partly due to the home-office system and partly due to the limited office space, we needed a comfortable, sunny room to host team days occasionally. We have hosted teams from international multinationals, several foreign companies for off-site weeks in Budapest, and we have also hosted a series of training sessions for employees from various industries.

So there was a varied traffic and a varied clientele, and the workshop room was noticeably well used. It was time to increase capacity.

The new workshop room for 16 to 30 people will not only be bigger, but we also want to offer more new features to please users. Features will include a giant-sized smart TV, rolling flip-chart boards, easily convertible folding and rolling tables, presenter lighting and a quality air exchange system and heat control. Of course good soundproofing and plenty of light are essential!

We are excited to get started!

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂