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Aaron Swain: Reasons Why Corporations Are Choosing Coworking


When the term coworking space comes up, most people picture startups, freelancers, and remote workers. But that isn’t often the case as more big companies are taking up membership in coworking spaces. This year, 2020, 50% of large organizations are projected to have coworking spaces. And the numbers are set to grow at a rate of 22% until 2022. The reasons for this are not farfetched when you consider the several benefits of shared spaces. Most of which are mostly more attractive than working at the company’s main office.

There is an increased level of flexibility, collaboration, and creativity that come with coworking. Additionally, coworking growth stats show that 84% of employees say they are more motivated when working in a shared space environment. Another reason is the number of networking opportunities that come with coworking. Now let’s see in more detail the reasons why corporations are choosing coworking spaces.

Attractive and Functional Amenities

A primary reason why big corporations go for coworking spaces is because of the readily available amenities. These spaces are already set up, with furniture, fast internet, office supplies, and a relaxation spot. Therefore, it eliminates the time and resources you’ll have to spend to set up an office.

Coworking spaces are also designed according to your business needs as you move from startup and grow into a big company. Some of the biggest companies had a start in coworking spaces, for example, Salesforce, Instagram, IMB, Spotify, Microsoft, etc.

Cost-effective and Increased ROI

It may seem like the cost per square meter for renting a coworking space is more than that of a traditional office. The opposite is actually the case as shared spaces allow big companies to save costs. You need to pay rent, buy furniture, utilities, office equipment, and maintenance fee for a conventional office space. It can consume a lot of energy, time, and money. However, you don’t have to worry about all that when you’re in a coworking space.

There are flexible membership packages that range from 30 days to a year. And you have the room to scale up or down. Also, you don’t need to worry about the maintenance of running the office and providing amenities. The coworking space facility takes care of all that.

Flexibility and Convenience

Several coworking spaces provide round the clock accessibility to members. Therefore, your staff can have flexible and convent working hours that suit them. On days where they need to work overtime, they can stay as long as they need to get the job done. Staff can take a break to recharge and reenergize if they need to without the scrutiny in a typical traditional office setting.

Of course, you don’t want employees taking advantage of too much flexibility, because it can cripple productivity. Thus coworking facilities provide the kind of structure you’ll need to maintain discipline. Employees have a sense of duty when they also see others working.

Furthermore, there are several coworking spaces in almost every location. It helps companies that cannot have all their staff working at the head office have alternative arrangements. Thus, if companies get a space closer to the employees, commute time and expenses decrease significantly.

Scalable Spaces

Traditional offices typically have huge rooms divided into felt-walled cubicles. Or there are those with long and quiet hallways with closed doors on each side. These offices are usually dull, and you can do little with the setup. But with coworking spaces, corporations can choose the best way to utilize the space to fit their needs. Corporations can also find more modern and vibrant scalable coworking spaces for both small and large teams.

These coworking spaces usually have the following set up:

●      Open coworking space with a complete desk unit if you have a large team like paper writing services, Online Writers Rating.

●      A whole floor within the building that is custom designed

●      Private offices that accommodate 1-4 people

●      Team offices and suites, etc.

A Community and Culture Atmosphere

Another reason why companies go for coworking spaces is because of the coworking community. You have a pool of teams representing different companies. Employees can think more diversely as opposed to when refrained in a traditional office set up. Sharing a workspace helps them have a renewed sense of identity and purpose. It helps build a culture of consistent learning, insightful interaction, and shared motivation.

From their unique experiences and mutually beneficial connections, employees can be more productive. Not only does productivity level increase, but it also boosts confidence, motivation, and self-esteem. The nature of competition in a shared space is also healthier, as it does not pit people against each other. A coworking community motivates members to be the best version of themselves professionally and personally.

Easy Expansion and Recruitment 

For a corporation that has plans to expand, renting an entire office may not be practical. So if you intend to set up new teams in multiple locations, coworking comes to the rescue. Your company can expand by getting a short term and affordable coworking space membership. With each new location, you get a space that best fits your team’s needs and structure.

Additionally, it works for companies that want to train and observe a recruit before giving them full employment. With coworking spaces, companies’ recruitment pool increases. Your company’s connection with others in your coworking space helps with client outsourcing. For example, if your team shares space with custom writing services Best Writers Online. If you need to write a proposal, but there’s no one on your team with strong proposal writing skills, you can easily outsource to them.


Coworking spaces are no longer just for startups and freelancers. More large companies are now also tapping into the benefits of having a shared space membership. The reason being that flexible office spaces are an essential aspect of operations for any large corporation. Also, coworking spaces are more cost-effective when considering the money and resources required to set up a conventional office space.

Additionally, coworking spaces are known to have communities that challenge and motivate employees. The culture is one that appeals to diversity, innovation, and increased productivity. So if you want a cost-effective space to expand your network, increase employee motivation and recruit pool, coworking is the way to go.

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