SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE / round table discussion

In the spirit of knowledge sharing, we are happy to publish our latest round table discussion! We were talking honestly about the waves, ups and downs and phases of leaving our own business behind.

The end of an era, a stage of life, a professional journey. What can we learn from it? How can it influence our future decisions and ultimately how can we develop by it?

Our guests sharing their stories:

Lily Asch (USA) – Writer, storyteller, facilitator and founder of ⁠Real Talk⁠, a social enterprise dealing with mental health;

Dániel Farkas – Co-founder and former CEO of ⁠Drops⁠ language learning platform;

Attila Molnár – organizational and workplace psychologist, co-founder of ⁠TeamINSIGHT Labs⁠.

The event was be hosted by: Áron Levendel – Solution-focused coach, coach trainer, managing director of ⁠KAPTÁR⁠ and ⁠Solutionsurfers Hungary⁠.

This is definitely a very useful and therapeutic conversation thanks to this fine line up of business owners, so enjoy your therapy session about changing/ending things.

If you were interested in the event but couldn’t attend live, you can now watch it on YouTube here:

And HERE, with video(!) on Spotify too.

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