KAPTAR success stories – Krisztián Zalaba

Hi Krisztián, thank you for accepting my invitation!

Hello Bálint, thanks for having me.

First, please tell us a few things about you! What’s the most important thing, people should know about you?

My name is Krisztián Zalaba, I usually just say, that I write and create online courses around the topic of awareness.

Could you give us more details? What is the most exciting part for you and why?

For me, it’s a very exciting, when I see that other people make progress in their lives and are inspired by my writings and the courses, so they can make decisions, take actions and try new things in their life.

What is really uplifting for you?

Reader’s letters and feedback have a huge impact on me. There is a questionnaire after every course, where people can give me feedback about how useful the exercises were for them. It’s nice to see what the things were, that made a change for people.

In short, I can say, that I like the actual process the most when I can create something and at the same time it’s awesome to see, how it is affecting others.

How did you start with this?

I used to have a marketing agency with my brother for several years. After a while I noticed that I’m not really motivated anymore to get more clients, to enlarge the team. So started to discover what’s my actual „X-Men skill“, which comes from my personality and can be valuable for others.

Then I started a little research within, I read books and took a deep look inside of me. And the result was my blog „Csináld Meg!“ (Do it!), where I wrote about my personal productivity and achievement of goals.

Later I created online courses, case studies and now it really starts to mature into something complete.

What do you mean by that?

I mean that shortly the blog entries, the study cases and the courses will all be found in one place.

Currently, I work on providing creating tailor-made processes in the systems behind the website.

What does that mean? What does a day of yours look like? 

Mostly the way I want it to be (laughing).

Usually, I plan ahead the evening before, what the next steps and tasks are, that will make me excited to fulfil the next day and usually I focus on them before noon. As long as I haven’t finished with them, I don’t open my emails or Facebook.

Since the morning is my super productive time, I use it for the tasks in which I have to dive deeper, for example, writing.

I experienced that in the afternoons around 3-4 my mental energy level decreases a little. This is usually the time to work out for an hour. In average I spend 5-6 hours a day with focused working.

What challenges have you faced during the first months-years with your blog?

Actually, there wasn’t really anything I considered as a challenge, at the same time it was very formative, that I had to choose the actions, that help me on the most – these I had to experience first.

Now I mostly focus on doing everything with joy. I believe that I always get the support I just need and I trust, that the right people will enter my life at the right time.

What was your motivation in difficult moments?

That what I do doesn’t only make me happy, but provides actual value to this world.

Of course, I also experience complicated phases, but usually, that’s the time when I get another grateful reader’s letter or nice feedback that gives me new energy.

Do you have idols?

I used to be a fan of several famous entrepreneurs and great minds. Lately, I feel I don’t have one.

Of course, I still read lots of books and there are authors who inspire me, but I feel that that kind of fanaticism isn’t part of my life any more…

What were your biggest lessons that you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?

I think it’s really essential to do what we do with joy. I believe, that if we do something with joy, we don’t just create out of positive energies but also attract them.

If you could send a message to your 5 years younger self, what would you tell him?

That he’s on the right track.

That answer came very quickly…

Yes, I believe, that everything happens for a reason – no matter if it’s a phase of energy or difficulties – everything serves my development.

Thank you very much again for this opportunity. And a lot of success further on!

Thank you too, for having me. All the best!

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂