KAPTÁR faces- Anna Borszeki

Borszéki Anna - KAPTÁRarcok - KAPTÁR coworking Budapest

Anna is living in Hungary for half of a year already and hopes to stay here forever. Originally she’s from Moscow. Actually she never thought that she would ever make such a change in her life and we are happy to be a part of it! Get to know her story!

I’m Linguist by education but working in IT as a Project & Business development manager. My current aim is to launch my company’s geo products outside of Russian-speaking markets. For example, in October we launched a public transport app in Budapest. (Have a try and let me know your thoughts –

What did you hate most about working in home office?

For me the worst thing about working in the home office is that you are locked-in all day(s) in closed space, you do not feel the time and can work till nights. It can last days and weeks, time is running, task after task and so on. And even if you stop for a break or dinner with your family – this horrible feeling inside is pushing you: “Anna, you forgot this and that, you should send 100 more e-mails and make 200 calls”. So you cannot just enjoy. At the end of the day it may help you to earn all the money of the world (which is maybe not bad), the question is – is that a life?

Best KAPTÁR moments?

Let’s speak about happy moments at Kaptar – for me they are happening quite often somehow, for example, yesterday Tamás brought best cookies I ever tried, very tasty. I ate half of the pack…:D
Or the other day you can be sitting deeply in all these tasks and calls and realise that you urgently need hugs. And just imagine – you can easily get them and it will not be weird. 🙂

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂