Rólunk. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest

What is KAPTÁR?

KAPTÁR is a community of freelancers and digital nomads in the heart of Budapest, close to everything and everyone.

Community office, event space, and official seat for small companies and organizations – or rather a prestigious downtown base for them – meeting space, coaching and off-site place – all in one.

This progressive, friendly place is designed for those who want reliable and quick wi-fi, a central location, natural light and who care about being around a real community of inspiring people – from all over the world.

This is what makes KAPTÁR new and unique: the perfect mix of working from home and from a coffee shop, where you can focus on your job, but you can join our community programs when you feel like it. You don’t have to be lonely anymore to stay independent, and you don’t need to become a cogwheel in a corporate machine to be part of a team. KAPTÁR is the community of freelancers. Your community, if you want it to be.



Coworking is the new, innovative way of working and of self-expression, that combines independence with being part of a community. In the coworking space of KAPTÁR freelancers and small company owners are working next to each other on their own projects, independently but still forming a real community. The coworking office is therefore a working space, designed for sharing knowledge and creating networks, to make working hours more person-friendly and more efficient.

Who are you?

Community builders, enthusiatic and optimistic entrepreneurs. The founders, Dóri and Áron are experts in organization development, business development consultancy, coaching and training. Gyurkó is a speech and copy-writer, communication consultant specialist. All of them are interested in how to further improve both the customer experience and the working experience; how to build a successful business in an honest and fair way.


Because we needed a place. And this place did not yet exist in Budapest… In the beginning we worked at an independent consultancy firm, working from a soulless and expensive rented office, then from coffee shops, then from home. None of them proved to be the right way. We realized that we are not the only ones who feel this way: so we decided to create a professional, representative, and still attractive place where freelancers like us can work in a cosy community without disturbance, instead of talking to clients in their own living rooms.

And where have you got?

We have created an organically developing community office, that has become a modern and attractive work environment for people who appreciate their own independence more than anything – this is KAPTÁR. Over the past years we have piled up an incredible amount of knowledge within our team on how to build a more productive, more creative and pleasant base for freelancers and small companies like ourselves. This knowledge is the biggest asset of the KAPTÁR brand: we reinvest part of it into our everyday operations, and with the rest of it we are able to improve: to continue what we have started at new locations, with new propositions and services.


Come and be our guest for a few hours, tour the facilities and have a really good coffee on us!


Fill out this form with your details and preferred visit date.

We will give you a tour and talk you through the package and services that best suit your needs.


Fill out this form with your details and preferred visit date.


We will give you a tour and talk you through the package and services that best suit your needs.


Once you've seen KAPTÁR and know what you can expect from working with us, it will be easy decide which package to choose. Plus, with our money-back satisfaction guarantee you can choose any coworking pass completely risk-free!

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