KAPTÁR success stories – Francisco Vera

The latest guest of KAPTÁR Success Stories is Francisco Javier Vera Gomez – the organizer of last spring’s KAPTÁR-Mexican Night and the CEO and Founder of Moradas.

Hi Francisco, thanks for accepting my invitation.

Hi Balint, thanks for having me!

Can you please summarize in a few sentences what you do?

Well, in a sentence, I help to improve people’s lives through software. I try to make things that can have a positive value in society and improve a way of doing things.
I have software that improves security and transparency in Mexican closed communities and I also have several apps that help lawyers and doctors with their everyday work.

Wow, that’s huge! How did you start with this?

I first learned to code when I was 15. I wanted to create fun games and “impossible quizzes” about my classmates and friends with Flash. Then I learnt so much, I got to show a few tricks to my teacher.

You seem like a guy, who believes that one’s vision can be achieved with the sheer force of will. Where does this motivation come from? How do you maintain your inner balance?

The secret of maintaining my inner balance is easy: I meditate every single day!

As for my motivation, I’ve always had an endless thirst for new tech and love for applying it to everyday challenges, you know… This is my way to contribute to people’s happiness as much and as simple as possible.

Sounds amazing! As far as I know, you’re from Mexico. Why did you move to Hungary in the first place and what made you stay?

I traveled to Europe in 2014 for 4 months while managing my company remotely. I had no idea what a ‘digital nomad’ was, but – as it turned out 2 years later – I was one of them already.

Later I continued traveling for some years – mostly around Europe. I’ve visited more than 50 cities/towns and Budapest was on my map too. I ended up staying here for the most.

After I’ve traveled a lot, I had a call to find a new, stable home somewhere in Europe. Budapest had all that I was looking for and I decided to move to this breathtaking city. The architecture, nature, the vibe and the people called me to stay, but a few-found relationship made me sure to move there kind of permanently

Yeah, it’s always about the women… (laughing) What’s your life mostly about at the moment? What are your hobbies?

I’ve just finished a 3-month intensive Hungarian course. Now we’re working together once a week with a private teacher. I have homework for every day and stuff like that. It’s funny to tap into a new, completely different language, but I’m passionate to learn, so I might understand the culture better.

Besides Hungarian, I just love walking around the city. I go out 3-4 times a week for a couple of hours. The architecture of the city is what I love the most here, but I also like hiking on the weekends.

Why are these the most important parts of your life? What value do they add?

They’re important because they ground me to what surrounds me. I love tech for solving challenges that we face or achieving goals faster, but in the end, I believe we need space to be and connect with our environment. Talking with experience, I’d not be able to do what I do without this.

You sound like a wise master! Let it be the final thought – thank you for the interview, Francisco!

Yeah, thank you too! :)

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂