KAPTÁR faces – Valdemar Norsker

Valdemar Norsker - KAPTÁRarcok - KAPTÁR coworking Budapest

I’ve always felt very restless and never understood why or how people could accept the mundane life of, spending most of their time working a job they didn’t like and go home to a wife they didn’t care for. Recently I’ve discovered that my restlessness probably comes from ADHD, but I wouldn’t want to have it differently because it’s been fuel for many amazing experiences.

For example, when I was younger I started working with a dating coach and traveled to Europe and the US with him for 10 months.

So now my focus is really on how I can work towards a future where my excitement for life is not compromised by my job or the people I hang around!

What excites you most about new challenges?

Proving to myself that I can do them, or even just the confidence gained by trying

What was most annoying about working at home?

The loneliness and restlessness from staring into the world an entire day

What are you most proud of in your life?

The number of amazing people I’ve met from different places that I get to call friends

I chose Kaptar because I quite simply read that it was the best coworking space in Budapest. I then remembered messaging Aaron and getting a great impression from him. He seemed like a sincere guy, so I ended up choosing Kaptar without checking out any other coworking place, can’t say that I regret doing so!

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂