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Gál Klaudia - KAPTÁRarcok - KAPTÁR coworking Budapest

How does data visualization make it to the spotlight?
Graphic designer and beloved KAPTARian Klaudia Gál is the only person not being a performing artist who received this year’s prestigious Múzsa Reménység Prize. An award, that acknowledges all those young professionals who contribute through their work, creations or artistic performances to the reputation and cultural heritage of the city of Miskolc.


So how do we imagine this? You just walked up on stage to receive the award with a big screen stuck under your arm?

Well, almost… I also had to come up with something to perform there for the ceremony as this event is also a gala night where all those awarded give some kind of performance. My program, in the end, was a short film about me that they screened. Actually, this film partly came together thanks to my KAPTARian network, because a shooting a pro movie costs quite a bit of money. In that sense, being a KAPTARian is a good investment, lots of connections are made here, not only friendships but also professional.

Was the journey hard to reach there?

Not really. I graduated as a graphic designer from the Eszterházy Károly collage in Eger. It was there where I finished my most favourite project – the one that also delivered me the 1st place at the OTDK (National Scientific Student Association) competition. The inspiration of this project reached back to my childhood, to the times when my mother used to study with me by laying out a huge sheet of paper on the floor and drawing all the things there that I needed to learn. This kind of visual learning worked for me so very well, especially in history, where there were all those dates and events. So this is what circulated in mind when I created the textbook where all information had visual clues attached to them. This helps a lot, because when you read a book, then your brain automatically connects all the visual signs to the information read. The best example to understand this is when you often remember if a piece of certain information appeared on top of a page or on the right side of it. So, this is what it is all built upon: with the help of all these tiny icons, we remember every info and detail connected to them much easier. But this all was much earlier and has no relevance with respect to this particular award.

And how did this project continue?

We made a tutorial and an application also but had only plans and concepts, it has actually never gone public. Honestly, I never really went after this, because I wasn’t really interested anymore. I was rather busy figuring out which university to apply to.

So, what did you go for in the end?

For Denmark. I have always been attracted to Scandinavian culture and design, and I really thought back then that I want to live in Denmark. I have entered a year and a half long study term at Zealand Institute with a half year-long training semester to finish with. This is where. I joined Ferdio, an internationally renowned data-visualization company that had already won tons of awards already by then. But I rather love them for their emphasis on researching specific topics, meeting and understanding client expectations and specifying our project in high detail. This is a very inspiring process. On that note, I am still working here, although now from home, remotely.

Last but not least, what brought you to KAPTÁR?

When I moved back home last summer, I was working from home for a month, but that just simply didn’t work. I need a certain routine for my day: waking up the same time every day, eating the same breakfast, drinking the same tea, or even when back in Denmark, sitting on the same place on the train when commuting to work. And I missed all these here at home. So, after a while, I started searching for coworking offices. I also checked KAPTÁR’s social media pages and I really loved the design of the office – no need to tell you how important this is for me. And when I saw the photos about the KAPTÁR ski event, it was decided. And I like it, the company of coworkers is also good, everything is solid here. I am glad I made this decision.

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂