Közösség. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest

Community Life

As a KAPTARian, you can attend a range of events in our community coworking space, such as casual café chats, Friday evening wine sessions, business networking events, professional workshops and more.

 Expect a productive, inspiring environment full of helpful and friendly people.


Hamar Ákos - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


Building Information Modeling

"Unarguably the best part of my job is the acknowledgement of satisfied clients after closing a successful project: when I can save USD 2 million for a hospital on construction budget in the US or a school in Sweden can be opened 1 month earlier than scheduled while lowering it's excess waste numbers wastly."

Lőkös Réka - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


Anrétours - CEO

"I didn't just find an inspiring and great work environment at KAPTÁR, but also an open, friendly and intelligent community that is great to join every day."

Paksy Zoltán - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


Regional Director Europe
- MGI Worldwide

"The real challange in my position for me is to organize and lead such negotiations and conferences in different European cities that serve not only as networking events but are truly creative and thought-provoking."

Eric Rasmussen - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


Web designer, developer

"Make sure you have time to your family/friends/fun during the evenings and over the weekends. And never think that Oh, if I do not take on that project then there will be no more and my family will starve. Believe in yourself and your capabilities."

Ratkó Zoltán - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


Creative Designer

"Best parts of my job: I can do what I like best; I freely manage my time; I do not have a boss."

Kray Zsuzsi - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


Environmental researcher

"Everything I do, I do with passion. If I’m not enthusiastic about something, then I rather don’t do it at all, or try to change something about it. I think if I don’t do things with passion, it’s completely redundant."

Barcza Zsófi - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


Medical communication

"Everything starts with a decision. If you make your mind up and you keep yourself to that decision, then things slowly start to fall into place piece by piece."

Farkas Dani - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


Drops, co-founder and GM,
meta learning

"Seems unbeliveable hard, but when you reach an inflexion point (in experience, knowledge, traction), then it very much worth it. Work for me does not have "work" written on its tag anymore."

Jennie Sharabi - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


Creative partner, graphic designer
– Two Desk Sudio

"The freedom of being able to get in contact with people from all kinds of different fields, with whom I would never be able to get connected. I not only learn a lot of their different businesses but also of the attitude and approach how they represent themselves in the wolrd."

Jesper - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


PR and marketing expert

"Last year I had to write one of those "Where do you see yourself in five years" things and my only wish was to live in Budapest. And now I'm here and I work from KAPTÁR."

Gál Klaudia - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


Graphic designer

"I checked KAPTÁR’s social media pages and I really loved the design of the office – no need to tell you how important this is for me. And when I saw the photos about the KAPTÁR ski event, it was decided."



Game developer, youtuber

"I wanted to be surrounded by people with whom I can have a conversation with, who can moveme in a sense, who show me new things. And what I experienced is that community is no bullshit, things really happen here."

Rotem Farkas, Szigyártó Szabina - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest

Rotem and Szabina

Software development

"Everybody is very nice and helpful around here and we love being part of it, also, there are always events where we can meet new faces and make friends."

Tóth András Attilio - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


Software developer

"I really enjoy working with technologies or systems I don’t know yet because I think I can learn and develop the most in this way. Besides this, I’m motivated by satisfaction felt after successfully overcoming the obstacles."

Illés Csaba - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


Frontend developer

"I should have tried much earlier to work from such a place. Here, I could meet tons of inspiring, positive people with a similar mindset. By their example, I can see that people with enough stamina and focus are able to build a successful business."

Levendel Áron - Kaptár alapító. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest


KAPTÁR founder, coach, trainer

"Curiosity is my hobby. And my motto might be to act before you’re ready for it. I have been working as an organizational development consultant for more than ten years, I have been training coaches at home and abroad since 2013, but I am mostly concerned with the development of KAPTÁR."

Bakonyi Péter



"Within the KAPTÁR team, we really support and care for each other, try to do our best to be open and honest each day when working together. This was my most important impression when I joined KAPTÁR and really believe that this attitude, this special caring and welcoming team is one of the most important foundations of KAPTÁR’s charm and appeal."

Gábor - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest



"I’ve worked for over 25 years in different areas of marketing, in a variety of constructions. I have already worked for a big multi-agency, a municipal cultural institution and I had my own company as well. And now there’s KAPTÁR, one of the most exciting and likeable topics in the domestic marketing scene."

Brunbauer Edit - Kaptár team. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest



"For me, KAPTÁR is a small jewelry box, a place where I meet wide-ranging, accepting people day after day. There is always time for a good coffee or a pleasant conversation that replenishes. It’s funny, but to enter the door is a bit like arriving at another universe. This is one of the reasons why I have been an integral part of the daily life of KAPTÁR for five years."

Márta Matild - Kaptár team. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest



"I like to observe what inspires everyone in their lives. KAPTÁR is a good field to explore and I’m happy if I may help people to find connections between them."

Kata - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest



"For me, it’s really important to be surrounded by motivated people who are passionate about what they are doing. KAPTÁR is full of such people."

Gelencsér Gábor, Kása Károly - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest

Gábor and Károly

Precognox - software engineering company

"Our main task within the company is to help clients retrieve quality user data from written text that can be transformed into useful information to the users by way of search and visualization."

Andovar Team - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest

Andovar team

software localization company

"We provide turnkey services in localizing software, documentation, mobile games/apps, e-learning courses, websites, and broadcast media. We're happy to find our base in Hungary at KAPTÁR."




"A community that gives you so much more, both businesswise and personally."

Balassa János


InConcert - owner

"The truth is that despite my outsider personality, I have the feeling that, somehow, I fit here very much… there are such similar kind of people here too. This place is like a tiny island that is multicultural, independent and dynamic just the right level, and the members are really nice."

Fehér Ildikó - Kaptárarcok. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest



"Being in KAPTÁR is fun. Joking around during lunch in the kitchen, having fun during FunFactory games or quiz nights. I love them all!"

Dániel Kollár


Creative writer

"I believe many freelancers would agree that one of the best things such a change brings is that the sentences starting with “would be great but not now, because….” disappear from our lives and we jump into new ideas much easier and faster. And these might even bring some business, but if they end up as a great hobby, that’s also great."


KAPTÁR is an innovative place for all those who not only love a strong WIFI but prefer central location, natural lights and a space with a lively community of inspiring people. KAPTÁR is the perfect combination of a homeoffice and a café, where you can focus on your work but whenever you like, you can also join the others for any of our events. At KAPTÁR, you can be part of it all while stay independent, you don’t need to adapt to an organization yet can very well work in teams. KAPTÁR is the community of the free. Your community.


KAPTÁR coworking
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Burgplatz Rehau
Burgplatz Rehau
10:29 19 Feb 20
always very nice staff around.
Tom Borvan
Tom Borvan
19:28 05 Nov 19
Great coworking with fantastic staff, wide variety of seating and good atmosphere.
Allan Paiste
Allan Paiste
18:29 02 Sep 19
Was working from there for a month and the more I got to know the people who run it, the more I liked it! The design of... the place is very resemblant of a cafeteria in a pleasant way, but might rub the people who are expecting a maxed-out office-like experience (I think the second floor and permanent desk options were covering that though).I loved the variety of ways you could choose to spend/sit your day and would - without a doubt - grab another stretch of yummy work time there again!read more
Noel Sólyom
Noel Sólyom
15:17 09 Jul 19
Looks efficient working environment for an outsider
Katherine Harrison-Adcock
Katherine Harrison-Adcock
11:44 06 Jul 19
This is one of my favorite workspaces. It's got a clean design, a variety of workplace styles (barstool at a a counter,... chair at a desk, sofas, standing desks) and plenty of small conference rooms for meetings or video calls. Their espresso setup is excellent, and the overall vibe is low-key and focused. I'd recommend it to anybody: for long-term remote work, or if you only need a remote office for a couple of days.read more
Murat B
Murat B
16:08 05 Jul 19
Great concept, great place absolutely recommended.
István Nagy
István Nagy
17:45 06 Apr 19
I love coworking venues so I love this one too. This isn't my favourite though. Not because it isn't good but there are... some better coworking offices in the city. Still it is a good place.read more
Jeroen Jolles
Jeroen Jolles
20:08 29 Mar 19
Best. Workplace. Ever. Nice smiley people, great atmosphere and fantastic options. I came for 2 services, I received 5... excellent services and feel 100 percent at home here. Join them/us, at Kaptar.read more
Mészáros Máté
Mészáros Máté
13:33 29 Aug 18
The best coworking space in Budapest by far. Nice atmosphere and super friendly staff. 🙂
Sigbjørn Hovda
Sigbjørn Hovda
23:02 17 Sep 17
The best coworking I've been to so far (I've been to a few). Very central location, great community (mix of locals and... internationals), regular events, good networking opportunities and very reasonable prices/options. Also: Various seating options and several meeting rooms.read more
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The lush plant walls that create a super peaceful atmosphere in our new FIXIE space praise the professionalism of our partner MiniGarden.

Architectural and interior design team specialized on offices and fit-out of high-end interiors. They have helped us in the equipment and selection of furniture to our new FIXIE space.

We are thankful to CityPlant for keeping our office plants so healthy and florishing all year round.

Our super cool office equipment, bins and containers are provided by Leitz.

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We will give you a tour and talk you through the package and services that best suit your needs.


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