KAPTÁR faces – Effe Thompson

Meet our new team member Effe Thompson from Ghana. Since July, he is the host of KAPTÁR Happening and its events. He’s currently studying marketing and has serious plans for the future.

My name is Effe Thompson. I am a student at the Budapest Business School. I moved to Hungary last September. I live for Music and all other forms of arts really, being significantly better at the former than later…I like to meet new people I think it’s a rather cooler way of being exposed to cultures and gaining general knowledge since I don’t like to read much :)I am currently trying to pursue a dream of being a sexual harassment/Assault advocate: an NGO or foundation of some sort…I’m excited to work here and experience the diversity of humanity. 🙂

What was your first impression when you entered KAPTAR?

Beautiful and unique.Had never entered an “office” like that 🙂

How would you describe KAPTAR in 3 words?

Peaceful, bright, resourceful.

When you heard the word ‘KAPTÁR’ what did you think it meant?

Capital??? like it’s in the Capital ???

Which music is that makes you think about KAPTÁR (or what describes the best the ‘KAPTÁR feeling’)?

Sia-Flames…I think in my first week here I was getting a glass of water one time and it was playing subtly in the background and I literally said to myself “this place is lit” because Sia is one of my favourites. Anytime I hear it now I remember KAPTÁR.

What is your funniest memory in Budapest so far?

More like most exciting well I haven’t done so much but going up the Citadella at night with friends and hearing people play music in the dark at various places and then finally reaching the top to behold the view.


Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂