KAPTÁR Faces – André Tímár

KAPTÁR Faces – André Tímár

André Tímár and his childhood friend started to work on an idea with the age of 19. 4 years later it was already a full-time job with a team of 5, an international portfolio and a network of partners in Budapest with endless opportunities.

I was born and raised in Pécs, went to a bilingual high school and started to learn economic sciences. During the studies, I realized that this is not my pace of moving forward. I already had a couple of friends, who started their own thing (more or less successfully). That was also my goal. At least I didn’t want to wait for a diploma solving my life. So we started to develop websites with 19 on a hobby level. We hardly had any professional skills. It was followed by a few months of success and then a few months of disappointment.

We decided to create a team and to start again with skills that keep up with the market. This worked out, our team got bigger and bigger and we could work on more projects with content clients. University got completely upstages. All my days consisted of professional development and jobs, from the mornings till the evenings. That was all I wanted to do and I wasn’t interested in anything else. We wanted to grow, make a lot more money and I started to fall in love with the entrepreneur lifestyle, even though it was really stressful sometimes since we had to start from the scratch regarding skills and budget. It would have been easy to give up.

Then I moved to Budapest this year, I needed a change, I wanted to work more productively and have more fun. After working a few months from home, we started to look for an office, this is how we chose KAPTÁR. When I stepped in, I felt that this is THE place that I’m looking for. Where I can enjoy spending even 18 hours a day if necessary. And my opinion hasn’t changed so far. This community is fantastic and I’m very grateful to be a part of it! :)

What was your funniest/best KAPTÁR moment? 

My first community lunch. I expected a weird and forced program, but instead, we sat there for more than an hour after lunch and talked about work, clients and gave each other valuable tips. Another nice experience was a KAPTÁR night when I managed to finish a project at 1 in the night :D

Your weirdest networking experience? 

After about 2 weeks, I bumped into a friend from Pécs, who I haven’t seen in 3 years. We had completely lost touch so one morning we spent an hour catching up.

Your most important life lesson, since you’re a coworker? 

People at a co-working space are always surprisingly respectful and cultivated. I never thought that a team of strangers could build such a community that holds together in all respects.

KAPTÁR faces – Ariele Gold

KAPTÁR faces – Ariele Gold

Ariele is from Austin, Texas and is committed to squelching Texan stereotypes wherever she goes. She has spent most of her travel life in Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam, where she once ran a super cool and entirely illegal motorbike tour company. Today, she’s a branding-conscious web designer and frontend developer, but she will always jump at the chance to explore a city on two wheels.

What are your favorite KAPTÁR moments?
Sitting at the tall table near the door and buzzing people in when Balint takes weirdly long bathroom breaks. I still get mistaken as a new member of the Kaptar staff, even though I make a terrified face when someone attempts to speak to me in Hungarian. I have no authority here, guys, but please continue stroking my ego.

What is your most important life lesson since you became an freelancer?

The more I work on my craft and the more experience as I gain, the more I grasp how much I don’t know. Expertise is relative, which is why I try to work with clients who think I know what I’m doing and surround myself with other entrepreneurs who are experts in my eyes.

What was the most frustrating thing about working at home?

Suddenly snapping out of a procrastination stupor and realizing that I’ve wasted the last few minutes (hours?) clicking through some inane internet nonsense. Probably cat videos.

Why did you choose KAPTÁR?

Of all the coworking space in the city, KAPTÁR obviously had the the most warm, supportive, and active community. Connection goes a long way when you’re constantly traveling, so joining Kaptar was really a no-brainer.

KAPTAR faces – Mo Swailem

KAPTAR faces – Mo Swailem

Mo Swailem from the USA describes himself as Partner at Good Life. He is a project manager at breakthruamazon, marketing consultant and an inspiring actor & entertainer.

„I do a decent amount but my goal in life is to make a positive impact to everyone I interact with!”

We are really happy that he enriched our community with his presence, even if only for a month during his travels across Europe! Here’s two short but instructive life lesson from him:

🔸 What is your most important life lesson, since you became an entrepreneur/freelancer?

The most important life lesson is that failure isn’t real, it is a facade. The only way someone does not succeed in life is when they choose not to pursue the subject of one’s goals.

🔸 What excites you most about new challenges?

New challenges create new opportunities to grow.

KAPTÁR faces – Effe Thompson

KAPTÁR faces – Effe Thompson

Meet our new team member Effe Thompson from Ghana. Since July, he is the host of KAPTÁR Happening and its events. He’s currently studying marketing and has serious plans for the future.

My name is Effe Thompson. I am a student at the Budapest Business School.I moved to Hungary last September.I live for Music and all other forms of arts really, being significantly better at the former than later…I like to meet new people I think it’s a rather cooler way of being exposed to cultures and gaining general knowledge since I don’t like to read much :)I am currently trying to pursue a dream of being a sexual harassment/Assault advocate: an NGO or foundation of some sort…I’m excited to work here and experience the diversity of humanity:)

🔸 What was your first impression when you entered KAPTAR?

Beautiful and unique.Had never entered an “office” like that :)

🔸 How would you describe KAPTAR in 3 words?

Peaceful, bright, resourceful.

🔸 When you heard the word ‘kaptar‘ what did you think it meant?

Capital??? like it’s in the Capital ???

🔸 Which music is that makes you think about KAPTAR (or what describes the best the ‘KAPTAR feeling’)?

Sia-Flames…I think in my first week here I was getting a glass of water one time and it was playing subtly in the background and I literally said to myself “this place is lit” because Sia is one of my favourites. Anytime I hear it now I remember Kaptar.

🔸 What is your funniest memory in Budapest so far?

More like most exciting well I haven’t done so much but going up the Citadella at night with friends and hearing people play music in the dark at various places and then finally reaching the top to behold the view.


KAPTAR faces – Őzse Attila

KAPTAR faces – Őzse Attila

Attila Őzse is 26 years old and lives in Budapest. He’s been developing a photo search portal for 2 years, together with his friend Bendzsi Nagy. Attila came up with the idea. It’s a very exciting task and one of the biggest challenges of his life. You can check out the website HERE.

Plus he is a fulltime photographer and made movies for many years. But after a while he realized, that it’s hard to do so many things at the same time, so he quit the filmmaking.

Why do you like KAPTÁR?

I had worked many years from coffee shops and from home. In the first 2-3 years, it was great that I didn’t have to go anywhere to work and could do whatever I wanted at home. But in the past 1-2 years, I realized that this solitude has limits, so I searched for alternatives, where I can keep my freedom but still have a social life. That was the moment when my friends Bálint and Dalma recommended KAPTÁR, which I immediately checked out.

I already loved the first day, so I kept coming every day ever since. I’ve been part of the community for a couple of weeks only but I have already met many interesting people. Everyone is really cool. This is exactly what I’ve missed in my life. Therefore KAPTÁR offers me inspiration. The community is inspiring and so is the whole atmosphere of the place.”

🔸 What has been your most important life lesson, since you became self-employed?

That everything changes constantly. There is no consistency. I change, the circumstances change, so one should always pay attention.

🔸 What do you like most about new challenges?

I was always curious how far I can go, what my limits are. I’ve experimented with this since I was 18, started making photos and became self-employed. I could also say I’m a danger to myself :-)

But all jokes aside… I love in new challenges, that you can always renew yourself in them. I personally hate monotony. If I do the same for to weeks I already freak out. So if I get the feeling that my life has become a bit too boring, I immediately start something new. A new Project or idea, I make a new picture, etc… But this doesn’t only concern my work. For example, I just filled my apartment with plants. I water them and take care of them. This is also an exciting task, to make them feel good and not let them die. Challenge means renewal for me. I couldn’t picture my life without it.

🔸 What is the best part of your job?

What I really like to do is to create something new, give something to the world. I realized this after many years of personal development. Making photos is obvious since it’s creational work. That’s why I love it. But it’s a similar process for me when I have a new idea and make a new company out of it. There’s no better feeling when you give something from yourself and people like it. It is a kind of connection with the outer world for me. When I make a picture for example, and the next day, people say: „Listen Ati, that picture is so awesome, I love it!” That really makes me feel good. These are the moments that make it worth to continue.

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