KAPTÁR success stories – Zsófia Barcza

KAPTÁR success stories – Zsófia Barcza

Today’s guest of KAPTÁR’s Success Story is Zsófi Barcza, the founder of Syntesia Medical Communications and one of the ancient KAPTÁR inhabitants. Zsófi is a medical writer and mostly works for doctors and pharmacists. Thank you for joining in our invitation, Zsófi. How has all of this started? How have you found this market niche?

The three words that are most typical for me are science, languages, and music.

Fortunately, I went to a great secondary school and when it was time to decide about a career path, I thought I could do any of those.

Eventually, I chose the medical path, because I could still deal with languages and music in my free time. Many people told me how nice it is „that a doctor deals with the arts just as a hobby“, but it turned out later that these hobbies were way too important to me.

I had some subjects in medical school, which were really interesting, but the other two paths became more dominant by the end of my studies. After getting my diploma I started to study technical translation and interpretation which took 2 years…


Sorry for interrupting you, but if I got it right you have a doctors degree? Have you also worked as a doctor?

Yes, I did. I worked as a doctor for 3 years. I always say that I squeezed 8 years into those 3 years after my graduation. (laughs).

I graduated as a technical translator and interpreter (2years), I did a professional exam as a physician, which took me 3 years. Besides that, I did a part-time job in the emergency room.

Oh, and I also worked as a tour guide. I had started that already during university.


Wow, that’s pretty impressive… you mentioned that by the end of your studies your other two interests became too dominant – did you already know then, that your career as a doctor won’t last very long?


I suspected it. When I got my diploma I’ve already had that feeling, but I wanted to be sure and find out if I really don’t to work as a doctor. I didn’t wanna say „but what if…“ or „maybe I would have liked it after all, but I haven’t even tried“ later.

And I did like a lot about that work. But when there is a huge love somewhere else, it’s easy to decide. It was no problem for me at all to leave my job. I just walked out from my professional exam and never practiced again.


That’s quite something. I couldn’t have done that for sure. I would have felt like I just lost 6 years of my life – even if the years spent with medical science weren’t time wasted.


Well, this is where my current profession appeared. After my translation studies – actually already during them… – I started to translate and interpret.

And one of these jobs turned out so well, that the job requests from all kinds of clients just kept coming like a flood. So, I realized that this is a thing – medical writing.

I hadn’t heard about it before – even though I already did it, I just had no idea it exists…

I had worked for half a year already when I asked my mentor „listen, can I call myself a medical writer?“ and then he replied „Zsófi….. that’s exactly what you’ve been doing for half a year…. of course you can…. what are we even talking about?” (laughs)


You’ve been doing this for quite some years now. What was the moment, you are really proud of? Which is the current peak of your career?

I just had such a moment 2 weeks ago. I pharma company asked me to write a scientific publication for an international magazine. This was a pretty big deal. I felt that I needed all my knowledge, experience, intuition and everything to make it happen. When I finished I knew that if I didn’t have all that experience from the past years, I couldn’t have done it.

It was hard, it was a challenge, really. But I feel like this is the peak of my career so far.


Thanks for the interview, Zsófi! In the end, what would you recommend to people, who are currently on a very reliable and safe career path, just like you were, but have big dreams and don’t dare to make a change?


Usually, I just say „fortunately we aren’t trees, so we can take a step aside.”

I’d like to point out that I love taking risks – it makes me feel alive somehow. On the other hand, when I feel that something scares me, then I wanna do it even more.

Fear is an intangible thing – financial safety and other similar „tangible“ things are acceptable, but I can’t tolerate fear keeping me from anything. Everything starts with a decision. When one makes a decision and keeps going, suddenly everything falls into place. I would recommend people in similar situations, to commit to a decision. Everything else will come.

When I used to translate and interpret, I often thought „dear lord, what is this? Where will I work? Will I be able to live from that? Won’t I get bored? etc.etc…”

And at some point, around February-March 2014, I decided that no matter what happens, this is gonna be my job after my exam. Even if I end up jobless, have to do a part-time job to survive, can`t find work for 6 months and won’t have enough clients… no matter what happens, I wanna do this.


Thank you very much for the interview, Zsófi! I wish you and your team lots of success!

Thanks – to you as well!

KAPTÁR face – József Kabai

KAPTÁR face – József Kabai

I’m the managing director of Távügyvitel Kft., which offers online accounting for companies. Within the company, I’m responsible for marketing and the development of our online marketing system. Thanks to my online work, I’ve travelled a lot in the past years. Now I prefer hiking in the mountains around Budapest and I rediscovered reading!


The most important life lesson, since you’ve become a coworker?

Despite the huge freedom at work, one needs some frames.


What did you hate most about working from home?

In general, I like working at home, because I can do some housework in between and cook good meals. The problem is if that’s the programme every day…


How can one destroy a business the fastest way?

With „hope-marketing“. Like: „My services are good, so I hope they will find me etc.”


The KAPTÁR team is very nice. It’s very true that „KAPTÁR likes you!“ It has a good effect on me that everyone around me works hard. I also like to have so many options here: I can sit, lie, stand or even take a walk.

KAPTÁR faces – Niklas

KAPTÁR faces – Niklas

Many celebrities and famous people have worked at us, one of them let us uncover him. We are pleased to introduce you Santa:
„I’m Niklas, a developer from lAppland. I work on a global database and we currently released the 12.06. version: This means not less than 7,5 billion names and data. So you better watch out, because I know everything about you!
Just kidding. I like to mumble old jokes through my beard. By the way: Did you know, who was the first hipster in the world?
My work is also my passion, but sometimes I get enough. Then I need a place where I can be productive and free.
KAPTÁR is such a place for me: good boys and good girls, huge windows, that look to the street (I kinda like to put my stuff in the window), flexible packages, cool spaces in the summer and warm and cosy in the winter!
I found them on the internet, which I recommend to you, too: kaptarbudapest.ho-ho-ho!”
KAPTÁR faces – Péter Tempfli

KAPTÁR faces – Péter Tempfli

Peter is responsible for the architecture of the financial softwares for an American startup called Salesforce ( https://blackthorn.io ). Besides he likes running, hiking and having dinner at a good Chinese place.

What have been your funniest/best KAPTÁR moments so far?

The Friday night after-work-drinking/snacking.

Your biggest milestones in life?

One is about to happen now: I’ll relocate my company seat to Sweden for a year and do my masters diploma in economics.

What is the best part of your job?

Designing and coding new architectures, just as keeping up with the continuous growth of Salesforce.

What is your most important life experience, since you’ve become a coworker?

That I get the most productive half an hour before closing :D

KAPTÁR faces – Péter Szentkúti

KAPTÁR faces – Péter Szentkúti

I am Péter Szentkúti and I work in the field of data analysis and biostatistics. I’ve just switched from the bank modeling sector to the medical university a few weeks ago, where I’m gonna work as a biostatistician. I’ve started this work at KAPTÁR, where I popped by after I saw the friendly website. Since my experiences there were aligned with the „web impressions“, I kinda got stuck here.

1. ) What did you hate most about working from home?

I didn’t have any problems with that, first of all, because I haven’t even done it for a minute. :)

I started to work at KAPTÁR right after I left my job because I needed to have an office environment, an inspiring and cheerful community and a place where I can focus on work (without thinking about laundry or dishwashing)

2) What was your most embarrassing experience?

The statistical research for my first project about the eventual link between constipation and blood circulation disorders. Is that embarrassing enough? :)

3.) What are you most proud of in life?

4 marathons, 3 sudoku-world championships, 2 kids, 1 wife – not necessarily in this order.

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