KAPTÁR faces – Gabriella Gál

KAPTÁR faces – Gabriella Gál

Gabi has been a KAPTÁR member for almost a year. Her full-time job is in the field of business intelligence in a bank, but at KAPTÁR, she works on her own part-time business, on a side-gig webshop. She started out as a Fixie member and she has been mostly working here in evenings and on weekends, when most of the people are gone, so she often feels like the phantom of KAPTÁR (even the opera house is pretty close :). She has a diploma in economics and addictology consultancy. This topic is an important part of her life.


Why did you choose KAPTÁR?

It is close to my main job and it looked really inspiring. When I walked by here I got a peek inside, I must have looked very interested since a host immediately opened the door and asked me if I wanted a tour. You don’t often see this kind of openness and kindness in this country.


What have been your best KAPTÁR moments so far?

Since I have a fulltime job and can’t be here very often, I have missed the community events, unfortunately. I simply don’t have the capacity. But I really like, that the place is animal-friendly. I love to see when people come with their pets. It doesn’t exactly make me more efficient when I’m busy petting them, but they really make me happy.


What is the fastest way to ruin a business?

So far, I could write about how long it takes to start one. I bought the domain 5 years ago, that I use for my webshop now. And it’s still not the first priority in my life. Maybe one day, but not soon. But I learn so much about how one can get along as an entrepreneur when there is no huge company around you and you have to deal with legal stuff, accounting, techniques and everything by yourself. One thing that definitely harms a business is a lack of courage (I won’t even try, they won’t speak to me anyway.) or if you aren’t able to ask for help. Another problem is a lack of focus, which happens often to me, because I want to learn everything at once and have tons of ideas. This is not the recipe for long term success. But KAPTÁR helps me to spend my work time there with more focus.

KAPTÁR face – András Attilio Tóth

KAPTÁR face – András Attilio Tóth

Hi, I am András Attilio Tóth, and I recently became a Kaptarian. I work as a software developer, which means much more for me as a simple job: I am glad to learn new technologies or work on hobby-projects in my free time as well. Besides this, I like travelling, discovering new places and meeting new people, I’m fond of foreign languages, and I like to go hiking, canoeing and biking. From the first time I set foot into KAPTÁR, I was amazed by the atmosphere and the kindness of the hosts, besides the great place in the city, that’s the reason I chose it as my second home.


What was your funniest/best KAPTÁR moments?

Of course, I enjoy every minute spent at KAPTÁR. :) The best moment so far has been the team lunch on Wednesday. It was the perfect occasion for getting to know many other Kaptarians and learn about the countries they came from and the variety of things they are doing.


What’s the best part of your job?

What comes to my mind first, is that I can write code the whole day :) However, in spite of loving the technical part of my job, there is one thing which I think is even more important: I can be part of two wonderful groups at the same time. On the one hand, I enjoy being among Kaptarians, on the other hand, I also found an awesome team at the company I’m currently working for.


What is most exciting for you in new challenges?

I really enjoy working with technologies or systems I don’t know yet because I think I can learn and develop the most in this way. Besides this, I’m motivated by satisfaction felt after successfully overcoming the obstacles.


KAPTÁR face – Gábor Zsirka

KAPTÁR face – Gábor Zsirka

Gábor had been a multinational soldier for 14 in the area of product development, including a 5-year visit in Vienna. They returned a few months ago with their kids and they all started something completely new. He wanted to leave marketing and wanted to dive into a topic that shows him a real future. So he started his business. He’s a payment systems consultant with a focus on smartphone payments.

What was your most important life lesson, since you’ve become a coworker? 

You can make much better progress without meetings :)

What did you hate most about working from home? 

Ok, ok, there is Spotify. But still, the silence was big. It got only interrupted by the neighbour’s dog barking or the washing machine. Mostly during my conference calls :)

What is the fastest way to ruin a business? 

I’ve started my first own business two months ago, so I haven’t really thought about this yet. But I think no one should start without a real business plan. Money doesn’t come easily, especially at the beginning.

Why did you choose KAPTÁR?

It is busy enough and yet quiet enough. It has stable, fast internet and I can even pop in on the weekends. And it’s a big plus that you make sure people don’t just sit next to each other hitting their keyboards.

KAPTÁR faces – Marco Scottini

KAPTÁR faces – Marco Scottini

Marco calls himself a geeky eclectic guy who is always wants to try to understand how the world works. His major field is economic theory and currently he’s a research fellow at Fondazione Luigi Einaudi and an independent consultant at Consumer CentriX. He loves sports and playing his guitar :)


What is your most important life lesson, since you became an entrepreneur/freelancer?

I do believe, no matter what or when, that there is always something to learn and there will always be somebody better than you in doing things. But this is a good thing, it means having the opportunity to cooperate and to grow. Hence the life lesson is: be confident but stay humble!

What are you most proud of in your life?

Rather than proud, I’m grateful to have a couple of true friends and a nice loving family.

What is the fastest way to ruin a business?  

Fastest ways to ruin a business is definitively taking decisions on the wave of emotions!
KAPTÁR faces – Kasandra Hadzima

KAPTÁR faces – Kasandra Hadzima

Kasandra is from Ohio in the USA. She works for a travel company where she finds airline deals and is the Customer Success and Community Manager. She came to Hungary with her boyfriend for his work a few years ago. For the past few years she has been splitting her time between living in Budapest and in the US. She loves living in Budapest. :) She really enjoys traveling and hope to do as much as she can while here! 

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is the flexibility. I really enjoy that I can work from anywhere in the world and I can arrange my daily schedule to work best for me. This means that I rarely have to miss work but still get to travel and take advantage of opportunities that I wouldn’t be able to if I had a less flexible job.

What excites you the most about new challenges?

What excites me the most about new challenges is the opportunity to learn. The job that I currently have often presents challenges because it is completely different from my previous work experience and education. However, I really enjoy what I do! Learning new skills and trying new things is very exciting to me.

What was the most annoying about working from home?

The most annoying thing about working from home is my time management, I often spend too much time working. There is always work to be done and I sometimes find it hard to turn off the computer at the end of the work day. I’ve been striving to find a better balance between work and home time and KAPTÁR has really helped with that!

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