Szabó Rita

Rita is an open personality and an ideal coworker in our community

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Koren Miklós

Miklós uses our meeting rooms really often

Would you like to know why?

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Hankovszky Katalin

Kati uses our space for unique coaching workshops

She prefer to book our high quality space and service for a high-standard workshop

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Soóki-Tóth Gábor

Long time ago Gábor has only a seat service in KAPTÁR…

…know he is one of our most vital community members.

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Work can be fun if you are in an inspiring environment, surrounded by a versatile and supportive community. With our flexible passes you pay as you use it.

Meeting rooms

In our meeting rooms at KAPTÁR you can hold your meetings, presentations or workshops. Our spaces can be rented on an hourly basis, and KAPTÁR members can use them for free (in case of vacancy).

Event space

KAPTÁR can be small and big at once. We have been hosting presentation for 100 people, as well as mid-size workshop, and cosy club conversation. All sorts and styles of events can be held with us.

Seat service

You don’t need to keep an overly expensive office in order to have a company seat at the most frequented location in town! KAPTÁR is the entrepreneur base that makes small companies big.