KAPTÁR community office | 1065 Révay köz 4.
community. freedom.
meeting rooms

Be it a simple meeting or a strategy development workshop, we are equipped with meeting rooms comfortable for up to fourteen persons.


As your official seat direct your company mailing here, place your logo at the entrance and present the place proudly as your office.


If you are bored of working at home, at cafés or a regular office, come and see what a really inspirative community can offer you!


We organize social programs to get to know all our members, furthermore, you can organize your own open or exclusive events here.

city centre

Our central location means that everything is close, there are excellent public transport connections and it’s easy to meet anyone.


You can easily use our wireless internet connection and printing system.


On working days there’s always someone at the helpdesk between 8 am and 8 pm to help you in all matters.


Thanks to our huge southwards looking portal windows, you’ll get a beautifully sunny and happy workplace most of the time.


If you ride your bike to work, or run after it, our bike storage and shower help you balance your work life and free time.


You can be sure that in our locked office you will find all your belongings where you left them.


Do you always run around with a huge pile of company papers? Store them here, we lock it away for you.


Breakfast, lunch or high tea. You’ll find beverages, handicraft sandwiches and other delicacies in our self-service café.


Don’t worry if you don’t speak Hungarian, our English-speaker colleagues are at your service anytime.

zöld iroda

We like eco-friendly solutions: using natural materials, applying energy efficient lighting and collecting waste separately.

találkozó pont

At our professional, thematic and cultural programs the office serves as a meeting point for people with the same interest.


You can behave as you like. You don’t have to face any expectations until you respect the other’s freedom.


Our fingerprint check-in system contributes to the security of the office, and it enables our members to enter easily.


You can find here a notable and continously expanding collection of English books in fields of business, leadership and HR.


We care about all kinds of people, so we’ve put emphasis on being accessible for disabled persons, too.


No need to find a copyshop, we are equipped with scanner, printer and copy machine for all needs.


If you have unique working hours, or just like to work on weekends, be our one-year member and use the office 24/7.


Meet potential customers or partners by us, and we facilitate your introduction and connection to other members.

változatos körülmények

On a sofa, in the window, at a table or counter, in a chair alone or together as you like.

KAPTÁR is a brand new top end community office and space in the heart of Budapest,for people who like their freedom in work but enjoy being part of a vivid community at the same time.