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The Coworking Space of the Year

The 10 Best Coworking Space on Earth

The Best Coworking space, Hungary

The Best Coworking Space, Hungary

The Best Coworking Space, Hungary


KAPTÁR coworking space Budapest is the hub of free spirited and innovative people, the home of developing businesses and teams, right in the very heart of the city. Close to everything and everyone.



You can travel the world without leaving KAPTÁR! As one of the first coworking office in Budapest, still no other coworking space attracts such a wealth of freelancers and digital nomads. This makes working in our inspiring and colourful community a really special experience, which is motivates and supportive Plus, at KAPTÁR you are free to welcome guests into our meeting rooms and office facilities, giving you that all-important professional first impression and working environment.

Full service

Professional office amenities

Large selection of office equipment

Well equipped kitchen

Network printer and scanner


Those who think that KAPTÁR is
just an ordinary office
of tables and chairs... they are wrong.

Genuine Community

You'll not only meet business partners here but just great people, even friends. There is no other coworking space in Budapest with the variety of professionals that KAPTÁR attracts! Build your professional and private networks with us!

Legal Performance Enhancer

It's easy to work effectively at KAPTÁR. Even stopping work occasionally for a community lunch or a chat, everybody achieves more here than they do at home. If you find that isolation and the disorganisation of home reduce your efficiency, then change to a community office where you can increase efficiency without losing comfort. Switch to KAPTÁR coworking!

Environment a la KAPTÁR

You can bring any type of client into our spaces, resting assured that our meeting rooms and office amenities will provide the professional atmosphere they expect. We've created this effective yet cosy environment to make you more productive than other standard offices. You will love our huge portal windows and all the natural materials that dress the space!

Super Safe

If you're bored of feeling unwelcome working in cafés, or of having to carry your laptop with you to the toilet when working alone, make a change and go to a place where you can work safely yet freely. At KAPTÁR, a fingerprint scanner and interior surveillance cameras ensure security, and you can also rent a locker to store your belongings. Since our opening in 2012, nothing has ever been stolen from our coworking space.


KAPTÁR is one of Budapest's international hubs, with people coming to us from all over the world, so you’ll have ample opportunity to get to know each other day-to-day and also at our community events. Come and improve your English!

KAPTÁR coworking
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Burgplatz Rehau
Burgplatz Rehau
10:29 19 Feb 20
always very nice staff around.
Tom Borvan
Tom Borvan
19:28 05 Nov 19
Great coworking with fantastic staff, wide variety of seating and good atmosphere.
Allan Paiste
Allan Paiste
18:29 02 Sep 19
Was working from there for a month and the more I got to know the people who run it, the more I liked it! The design... of the place is very resemblant of a cafeteria in a pleasant way, but might rub the people who are expecting a maxed-out office-like experience (I think the second floor and permanent desk options were covering that though).I loved the variety of ways you could choose to spend/sit your day and would - without a doubt - grab another stretch of yummy work time there again!read more
Noel Sólyom
Noel Sólyom
15:17 09 Jul 19
Looks efficient working environment for an outsider
Katherine Harrison-Adcock
Katherine Harrison-Adcock
11:44 06 Jul 19
This is one of my favorite workspaces. It's got a clean design, a variety of workplace styles (barstool at a a counter,... chair at a desk, sofas, standing desks) and plenty of small conference rooms for meetings or video calls. Their espresso setup is excellent, and the overall vibe is low-key and focused. I'd recommend it to anybody: for long-term remote work, or if you only need a remote office for a couple of days.read more
Murat B
Murat B
16:08 05 Jul 19
Great concept, great place absolutely recommended.
István Nagy
István Nagy
17:45 06 Apr 19
I love coworking venues so I love this one too. This isn't my favourite though. Not because it isn't good but there are... some better coworking offices in the city. Still it is a good place.read more
Jeroen Jolles
Jeroen Jolles
20:08 29 Mar 19
Best. Workplace. Ever. Nice smiley people, great atmosphere and fantastic options. I came for 2 services, I received 5... excellent services and feel 100 percent at home here. Join them/us, at Kaptar.read more
Mészáros Máté
Mészáros Máté
13:33 29 Aug 18
The best coworking space in Budapest by far. Nice atmosphere and super friendly staff. 🙂
Sigbjørn Hovda
Sigbjørn Hovda
23:02 17 Sep 17
The best coworking I've been to so far (I've been to a few). Very central location, great community (mix of locals and... internationals), regular events, good networking opportunities and very reasonable prices/options. Also: Various seating options and several meeting rooms.read more
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We will give you a tour and talk you through the package and services that best suit your needs.


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Become a KAPTARian, no matter where you work from. Events, networking and much more.

from 4.900 +VAT / month


Various hot desks for a day, week or month in the heart of Budapest.

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Choose from hot-desking or a permanent, dedicated workstation, for just a few days or for 24/7 usage.

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Well-equipped, meeting rooms of various sizes, at hourly or daily rates, close to everything and everyone.

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Attractive, light and airy rooms with professional equipment for all kinds of activities and events.

from 5.600 Ft +VAT / hour


Solid, recognised, prestigious Budapest location for existing or new companies; more than 50 satisfied clients.

from 12.000 Ft +VAT / month