Big Companies and Coworking


Aaron Swain: Reasons Why Corporations Are Choosing Coworking


When the term coworking space comes up, most people picture startups, freelancers, and remote workers. But that isn’t often the case as more big companies are taking up membership in coworking spaces. This year, 2020, 50% of large organizations are projected to have coworking spaces. And the numbers are set to grow at a rate of 22% until 2022. The reasons for this are not farfetched when you consider the several benefits of shared spaces. Most of which are mostly more attractive than working at the company’s main office.




John Edwards: 5 reason why you should choose FIXIE over office rent


How much do you shell out monthly to pay for your office rent? This question triggers financial nightmares, especially if your business isn’t going how you planned it. Everyone needs a space to work out of, but office rent keeps increasing year on year, making it difficult for most businesses to keep up. These increments hit sole proprietorships and small businesses the most.