Many of you may have already seen it or used it, but surely not too many used it to it’s max. But the good news is, our Member Portal has just been upgraded both in its looks and also in functionality. While we do love connect with all in person, this platform not only makes all kinds of KAPTÁR todo-s easier for our members but also perfect to share information and to reach out to the community and to each other.  

Below, we’ve tried to give you a little teaser with some screenshots and information about functions and potentials of the portal, but the biggest fun is if you all try it out yourselves! If you face any difficulties, had questions or problems, don’t hesitate to report it to us, we’ll try to get it resolved. Enjoy!


Some useful notes, insight into functionalities

The portal is available for anybody who already registered (was registered by us) or is in progress of registering to KAPTÁR in any form, with a pass, booking or just to see what’s available. You can log in with your email address that you used during registration and from there on, you are free to use anything that’s there. The language of the platform is defined by the language preference of your browser, but you can also change this when logged in.

Log-in page



Just to list down some of the functions and possibilities that you can use and reach in order to show you how useful this portal could be on a daily basis:

  • Selecting, changing, cancelling membership plans, products and services
  • Meeting room bookings, booking calendar, registration of guests
  • Uploading private and professional profile, adding/changing personal, invoicing and other details
  • Search of KAPTÁR members, direct messaging, group chat, message board and promotion of events
  • “Who is in the space” function 
  • Stats and analytics
  • Post and deliveries, other notifications
  • Helpdesk – direct chat, message to the KAPTÁR team

Dashboard and main menu



Under Settings/Plans and benefits menu, you can check your active plans and any additional products that you have or what you can select from. You can also see how many days you used already and how many you have left from your plan for the month and change whatever your prefer. 

Important, that the additional products and add-ons you’ll see here are specific to your active plans or KAPTÁR status.


Active plans and additional plans

From the menu item Additional products, you can choose such add-ons as 10 piece or unlimited coffee/tea package, +30 days plan extension, lockers or even extra days to your current FLEXIE plans if needed. You can also define if such an additional product is selected only one-off or as a regular add-on to your plans. In latter case, we add these to your monthly recurring invoice.  

Selecting Additional products



You can reserve meeting rooms in a glimpse using the portal. You also have the overview of the booking calender and can also connect your Google Calendars to the system so you can see availabilities way easier.

Bookings – meeting room view

Bookings – calendar view



In your personal profile settings, you not only add your personal/professional details, invoicing data or can see statistics, notifications or registered guests, but you can also provide any information that might be interesting to other community members here at KAPTÁR and based on which information, other can search and reach out to you. This is a great who is who feature that allows us to get to know those who are around us day by day.

Nevertheless, if you feel like you do not wish others to see you in our member list, uncheck the box “Include my profile in the directory” under Profile privacy and from then on, others will be able to see and contact you.

The more of us are visible and available thanks to this option, the more vibrant and interesting and useful our community platform will become!

Personal settings, profile visibility



While the platform itself is also optimised to smartphones, the company who’s the developer of our coworking management company also created an integration with an applicaton called Passport, that allows many useful functionalities the platform has. Check this out also, the QR codes posted in KAPTÁR make it easy for you to find the app in both the Google Store or the App Store. 


Of any changes you make with respect to your plans, products and services, the KAPTÁR team receives a notification so we can reach out if any further is needed. While all such changes are effective after your selection and approval is made, upon clicking on paying for the selected items, you’ll only receive a confirmation screen (see below screenshot) on the portal and payment can be made either through the online payment link in the email that we send you with your invoice or in person in KAPTÁR. 

Successful purchase/payment screen 

Further to the above, the next most important thing we’d like to develop is the integration of the online payment platform Barion to the portal that will make it way easier for you to pay your selected items via bank card on the spot and there will be no need to go an additional round in person. Once this integration is ready and launched, we’ll definitely inform you all! 

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂