At KAPTÁR – amongst the first of coworking spaces in Hungary – we offer you quality light roast specialty coffee with the help of a professional coffee machine. But you need to do it yourself. 🙂

Thanks to the kind donation of a high-end professional espresso- and grinder machine by the founder of one of our long-time members’ and to the support of our partner Kaffeine coffee chain, we can spoil ourselves with real high-end quality specialty coffee at KAPTÁR. It is not only available if you buy one-off, but we offer 10 piece packages as well as very favourable unlimited monthly packages also as add-ons to your current coworking passes!

And at KAPTÁR café you are the barista!

To make a professional coffee, it only takes 7 easy steps:

  1. Grind! Using the scale measure out and grind exactly 17 grams of coffee.
  2. Even out! Distribute the ground coffee evenly in the portafilter.
  3. Compress! Compress the coffee with sufficient pressure. Be firm, but gentle.
  4. Flush! Press the ‘Flush’ button to rinse the head before inserting the portafilter.
  5. Insert! Carefully lock the portafilter into its position. No need to do it aggressively, just make sure it’s firmly in place.
  6. Push! Push the „automata” button! It will stop brewing your coffee just in time.
  7. Remove the grounds. When your coffee is ready, please remove the coffee grounds, and leave everything in order as you found them so the next KAPTÁRian can start the process over again. 🙂

Steaming and frothing milk

  1. Let some steam out! Turn the valve and let out a small amount of steam to clean the steam wand!
  2. Stop right there! Only fill the milk steamer (the JUG) up to the line!
  3. Put it under pressure! Put the end of the steam wand a centimeter below the surface of the milk. Only then turn on the steam.
  4. Turn it off! Wait a few seconds until the milk gets hot and starts to get foamy, then turn off the steam. Once there’s no more pressure in the wand, you can remove it from the milk.
  5. Wipe it off! Clean the steam pipe with the damp cloth we left there for this purpose! Then with another puff of steam, clean out the last remaining drops of milk.



Drink speciality coffee for more favourable prices!

We not only offer you one-off prices or 10 piece packages, but now you can choose very favourable unlimited coffee/tea packages as add-ons to your current coworking passes!

Save up to 55% by choosing the KAPTÁR café hot beverage add-on to your pass! (Of course, the unlimited consumption can only be used by the owner of the respective pass.)

Pass add-ons for caffeine addicts:

Pass                   Net price

4K                      2650 Ft + VAT (15% saving)

8K                      4950 Ft + VAT (20% saving)

13K                    7590 Ft + VAT (25% saving)

FLEXIE              9350 Ft + VAT (40% saving)

FIXIE                  11800 Ft + VAT (50% saving)

One-off prices and packages for occasional coffee and tea drinkers (valid indefinitely):

10pc                 3450 Ft + VAT (12% saving)

1pc                    390 Ft + VAT

Hot beverage add-on packages automatically renew and are invoiced together with your coworking passes, while if you go with occasional consumption, then you can mark these on the coffee/tea boards next to the café. We sum these up each month and add to your invoices together with any other services used! So one less thing to worry about. 😉

Your hot beverage add-ons and recurring 10pcs vouchers may renew automatically with your pass if you wish. You can always request any change with these, just let our team know in time which option would you prefer.

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂