KAPTÁR faces – Connor Feemer

KAPTÁR cafe - kávégép, speciality

Hi! I’m Connor Feemer! My gamer bros just call me co/fee!

I can work like a frickin machine, but sometimes I just blow off some steam. Let’s just say, I have ground moments 😉

I’m totally social: always up for a great coffee and I can hardly wait for the community lunches. I’m vegan though, so the only thing I get roasted is coffee, muhaha.

I usually take short coffee breaks, but „if needed“, I can let it flow a little longer. Don’t miss out on my foamy features! You know where you find me: I’m the only FIXIE in the FLEXIE area!

Man, I already love being a KAPTÁRmember, this place is gonna make me boil!

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂