KAPTÁR: Add-ons

Elérhető székhelyszolgáltatás. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest

Everybody is special in KAPTÁR („I am not!“), and you like to tailor the conditions for your needs and set how you work. Therefore we’re keen on providing flexible and custom tailored extras to your memberships. We offer add-ons to your membership to make life more practical and simpler here. Let’s see what you can choose from:

We’ve got you, coffee addict! 
Tired of counting your consumption one by one? Or you always run out of your pack? With our limitless hot beverage packages, you can drink as much coffee and tea as your cardiologist permits… plus you’ll save more than 30% on each on average!

Stop the time! 
If you have a K pass, and you already know, that you won’t be able to use up all your KAPTÁR days until the end of month, you can extend the validity of your pass for an additional 30 days for 6.000 HUF + VAT (one-off). With the KAPTÁRextension you won’t lose any of your days.

Store. Score! 
With any type of KAPTÁR pass, you can rent a locker for a monthly price 6.000 HUF + VAT where you can store your laptop and any secret files you are working on. 

Turn the page!
If your work requires printing regularly or in a bigger amount, there comes a point when it is very much reasonable going unlimited. For only HUF 6,000 + VAT a month, you can relax and have our multifunctional printers help you with all your printing needs. 

Your company deserves it too!
Once you’ve settled here, why wouldn’t you move in together with your company too? If you have a KAPTÁR pass, you get 25% off from our business- or postal address service prices. 8 years of experience and more than 50 pleased entrepreneurs are the guarantee.

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂