Praktikus iroda. KAPTÁR coworking Budapest

You thought KAPTÁR is not for you as you already have an office or like working from home? Well, actually most people work at KAPTÁR because of the community: open minden, interesting and real supportive people! So from now on, you don’t need to work from KAPTÁR if you would like to join us! With our new Community Membership pass, we want to make KAPTÁR’s community life, our network and all our platforms for self-development available.

Be a KAPTARian no matter where you work from!

We created this new pass specifically for those who cannot/wouldn’t work at KAPTÁR but would really love to be part of its community. Our goal is to invite as many people possible to join our community life. With this pass, you’ll get full KAPTÁR membership with unlimited access to all our online and offline platforms, to all our services, perks and discounts available to members, plus to every professional or fun community event. And you’ll always have the option just to drop by KAPTÁR for a nice coffee and chat.

If you are interested and needed more details, then let’s talk! Choose a time slot here!

I hope see you in KAPTÁR very soon!

Till then, stay home, but stay KAPTARian!


Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂