Main terms of the Business Address Service

The meaning of the Business Address Service is something you’ve probably heard of before if you have a business or if you’re about to establish one. The relevant legal regulations can be self-interpreted, however it is important to find a solution that really suits and even was taylor made for your needs. KAPTÁR’s Business Address Service can especially be practical for all kinds of private entrepreneurs, because it makes your tax office reporting obligations simpler, yet gives you many additional perks and extras that can help you with starting off and developing.

Following seat service regulations

It is good to know that not only small- and medium enterprises are required to have a registered seat but all businesses, even private entrepreneurs. Finding a good registered seat address can be difficult though for many. Some wish to minimize related costs and register their companies to their homes or so called “company cemeteries”; and there are others who wish to minimize risks and rather trust professional service providers.

If you own a private real estate but are not staying there regularly, it is possible that most deliveries and mail will be returned to sender undelivered. If this happens to any official mail, it can even lead to the striking-off of your company from the register. If you wish to register the company in a rented apartment, you’ll need to negotiate with the landlord, who is likely to swipe such responsibility off his shoulders.

As the above two options are not available for many, they rather turn to a professional service provider. But such service providers may vary by price, experience, scope and quality of service. Below, we’ve collected some important criteria that you can evaluate when making your choice. 

With its more than 8 years of experience and official Tax Office approved license, save the unnecessary expenses and choose KAPTÁR (KAPTÁR irodák Kft.) as your trusted registered seat provider! Check out our services and out of all Budapest service providers, go with the internationally acknowledged coworking office KAPTÁR to become the base of your company! 

What are the key selection criteria?

Official and legal

Upon foundation of your new company or seat change of your existing business, you can name KAPTÁR as your official seat or branch office. We comply with all legal requirements and successfully have passed many Tax Office inspections already in the past without any issues. The procedure is simple, painless and we are happy to help you with the process free of charge. 

Immediate notification

We guarantee to notify you of any deliveries or mail delivered on business days within max two hours after receipt. We take over any deliveries arriving for you and welcome your guests between 8am and 8pm all weekdays all year round. If you prefer, we also scan your mail so you can read them in due course after receipt. Just like your front office manager would do it. And if you need us, reach out and we’ll reply ASAP. 

It is good to be a well-known brand

KAPTÁR is known by all delivery companies and we also have a great working relationship with the National Post Office and other authorities. And we are happy to share our acknowledged brand with you too: we’ll put your logo on KAPTÁR’s portal window and also our website. We also introduce you and your company on our website, newsletter and our Facebook page followed by more than 12 thousand users!

KAPTÁR, located in the heart of Budapest indeed represents a highly valued brand: you’ll proudly be able to refer to us, located next to the Basilica, as your official address. 

And the best of all.

Our Business Address Service includes several extras for you in addition. On any weekday, you are free to work at KAPTÁR between 6pm and 8pm, we ensure your company 1 hour of meeting room usage per month plus a closed locker to keep your documents and other stuff in, free of charge. 

5 easy steps to begin with 

Don’t these sound good? If you just need to get started, then read further. You don’t need to remember all these of course, we’ll help you with of these in time. 

1) Choose your package

First question: do you only need your mail and deliveries to be secured or you’d also wish to use KAPTÁR as your companies official, registered seat, branch office? Fort the first, choose our Postal Address Service, in the latter case, go for our Business Address Service. The Seat Service is exclusively available for companies where the general manager does not have a Hungarian residency address or local official proxy. 

If you wish to proceed, get in touch with us first, and we’ll explain the process and what we’ll need from you for the agreement. 

Once we discussed the above, feel free to hook us up with your lawyer if needed, we can get all the paperwork done with them as well. They’ll also make sure to submit all the necessary documentation and your new seat to the Company Registrar and the Tax Office.

2) Fill out our contract template

For our one pager contract template, we’ll need to receive the foundation documents of your company, the signature specimen of the signatory(-ies), your official company data, details of the official representative and contact information (email, mobile) plus a personal ID check to identify the signatories. You can also select the payment frequency (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual) and if you wish to authorise us to take over your mail and deliveries. For such authorization, we’ll prepare an official document signed by your signatory that we submit to the post office. 

3) Make the first payment 

In order to finish the process, we’ll need you to settle your first payment – either by card, cash on the spot or bank transfer. It is important, that the Business Address and Seat Services also come with 2 months deposit payment (if unused – you will be able to use these for the 2 last months of your service period in case of termination of the agreement). After remitting the first payment, we will issue our Acceptance Certificate that you might need for the registration of your new seat address. 

4) Submit to the Registry Court

Following the above, your lawyer will be able to submit all the required documentation to the Registry Court and we’re done. If you needed to choose our Seat Service package, then subject to the Hungarian regulations per the Act on the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, we’ll need to conduct an audit regarding your company, its representatives and owners of which we’ll inform you in detail in advance. 

5) Keep a copy at KAPTÁR

To ensure prudency, we’ll need to store a copy of your company’s deed, signature specimen and latest company extract at KAPTÁR. 

We hope the above information was useful for you and that you’ll choose KAPTÁR as the base of your company. In case of any questions, feel free to reach out to us! Looking forward to hearing from you! 


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