Check out our newest, hottest spring FIXIE team discount!

The most important details about the FIXIE team table:
 •  ideal for a team of 3-4 persons,
 •  prime location (downtown Budapest, next to Deák),
 •  0-24 access with front desk between 8am to 8pm,
 •  enterprise class IT environment,
 •  unlimited access to all community spaces,
 •  full community membership (events, networking, etc.)

With the arrival of spring, you can rent the FIXIE team table with a 30% discount for the first month you stay with us!

This means 52.500HUF instead of 75.000HUF per person for the first month.

If you might be interested, because it would be ideal for your team or if there is someone who would kindly recommend us, please write to so we could discuss the further details.

Thank you for sharing and we are excitedly waiting for our new KAPTÁRian FIXIE team!


Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂