KAPTÁR faces – André Tímár

André Tímár and his childhood friend started to work on an idea with the age of 19.
4 years later it was already a full-time job with a team of 5, an international portfolio and a network of partners in Budapest with endless opportunities.

“I was born and raised in Pécs, went to a bilingual high school and started to learn economic sciences. During my studies, I realized that this is not my pace of moving forward. I already had a couple of friends, who started their own thing (more or less successfully). That was also my goal. At least I didn’t want to wait for a diploma solving my life. So we started to develop websites with 19 on a hobby level. We hardly had any professional skills. It was followed by a few months of success and then a few months of disappointment.

We decided to create a team and to start again with skills that keep up with the market. This worked out, our team got bigger and bigger and we could work on more projects with content clients. University got completely upstages. All my days consisted of professional development and jobs, from the mornings till the evenings. That was all I wanted to do and I wasn’t interested in anything else. We wanted to grow, make a lot more money and I started to fall in love with the entrepreneur lifestyle, even though it was really stressful sometimes since we had to start from the scratch regarding skills and budget. It would have been easy to give up.

Then I moved to Budapest this year, I needed a change, I wanted to work more productively and have more fun. After working a few months from home, we started to look for an office, this is how we chose KATPÁR. When I stepped in, I felt that this is THE place that I’m looking for. Where I can enjoy spending even 18 hours a day if necessary. And my opinion hasn’t changed so far. This community is fantastic and I’m very grateful to be a part of it!”

What was your funniest/best KAPTÁR moment?

My first community lunch. I expected a weird and forced program, but instead, we sat there for more than an hour after lunch and talked about work, clients and gave each other valuable tips. Another nice experience was a KAPTÁR night when I managed to finish a project at 1 in the night.

Your weirdest networking experience?

After about 2 weeks, I bumped into a friend from Pécs, who I haven’t seen in 3 years. We had completely lost touch so one morning we spent an hour catching up.

Your most important life lesson, since you’re a coworker?

People at a co-working space are always surprisingly respectful and cultivated. I never thought that a team of strangers could build such a community that holds together in all respects.

Tetszett? ...Akkor ne felejtsd el megosztani 🙂