The puzzle of psychological well-being ? 19 OCT

What is psychological well-being, and how can you work on it? How can we maintain or develop that? You don’t need to feel unwell to start to enhance the level of your psychological well-being. In fact, you also should care about it if you feel „well enough” – there is room for improvement, probably. Resilience and mindfulness might sound familiar, but there is much more when thinking of well-being.

Join us and be the part of an interactive workshop, work on your self-awareness, and try different exercises that can be implemented from the next day (or even immediately), aiming the improvement of psychological well-being. Explore your own strengths and psychological capital – and how you use them. Are you facing several questions or need to make decisions? Check on your options together.
Blanka works mainly with organizations as a psychologist; however, she developed a positive psychology interventions-based program as part of her PhD studies to enhance employee well-being, create more effective coping strategies, and cultivate inner strengths.
Learn more about Blanka’s experience and her program and check her website:


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