The special feature of our bike tour this year is a sponsorship that is not just any kind! With the contribution of MATE BIKE, we can now go around the Danube bank on the back of electric bikes! What’s guaranteed: easy ride with long lemonade brakes and good company. Based on previous experiences, this will be a superb fun day so you shouldn’t miss out on it!

If you would only join us at the eat-and-drink points, look for the CHECK-IN points in the detailed program.
10:00 a.m. Meeting at the MATE BIKE showroom (1056 Budapest, Szerb u. 17.) Those who do not come with their own bikes will receive their rented bikes here.
10:30 Start in the direction of Szabadság híd
11:30 rest with lemonade on ‘Római part’
12:30 departure towards Szentendre
13:30 well-deserved lunch in Szentendre (CHECK-IN)
17:00 return to ‘Római part’, unwind at the Fellini Római Kultúrbistro or at Nap bácsi. (CHECK-IN)
In the evening, with those who do not come with their own bikes, we return to the city center to drop off the borrowed bikes.
During the day, everyone should prepare enough water + some snacks won’t hurt until we get to lunch! The weather will be with us, we hope everything else is good too!


Start with a registration HERE, so we know how many bikes we have to count on.

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