Join us for a workshop, where we will learn about the Estonian jurisdiction and business environment, also the e-Residency, and the benefits it offers to non-resident entrepreneurs.

With the recent changes in KATA, a lot of freelancers/small entrepreneurs are forced to look for the best alternatives to a good old KATA rule. Apparently, the Estonian e-Residency is a great alternative that has already helped more than 1000 Hungarians flip their old businesses into location-independent, bureaucracy-free EU business entities, that can be managed 100% remotely.
During this workshop, we will also walk you through the steps of registering a business entity in Estonia, and dive into the tax-related issues you may possibly face.
We are also welcoming all the current e-residents! Don’t miss a chance to meet up and share some of your stories and experience while having snacks and drinks!
Reserve a spot for yourself today HERE.

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