For many of you, being in KAPTÁR means breaking out from your usual work cycle, from boring offices, or from the confines of your own home office. But what if we could go a step further and leave behind work and this gloomy February to do something really new and exciting?

On February 15th, we’re hosting a pilot Dungeon&Dragons session where you can experience first-hand the social phenomenon that has captivated so many.
What is DnD you ask? It is a collaborative, role-playing game where you group up with others and delve into the world, filled with exciting characters and challenges, narrated by the Dungeon Master.
This event is for you, if:
  • You love to play tabletop games and you’re open to try something new
  • If you love Fantasy stories, such as LOTR, GoT, etc.
  • You heard about D&D and wanted to try it out, but never got the chance
  • You know the game and would love to try it with others from KAPTÁR
If you’re interested, respond to the event and also fill this Google Form!


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