Starting from January 1, 2024, there will be a few modifications to our General Terms and Conditions.

We have expanded with new spaces, and accordingly, in the definitions section, you will now find our adjacent “big brother” to the workshop room with the designation “WS2.” This room is approximately 10 square meters larger than the existing one and can accommodate up to 20 people with tables, or comfortably up to 30 people with a theater-style setup. You can reserve this room at the same price as the existing WS1 room. Furthermore, an additional large meeting room (L2) has also been added on the upper floor. It works as a private office from now. 

A few other changes are that we have removed our CO-FIXIE pass type from the passes and added the floor plans of all our levels to the document.

You can access the entire Terms and Conditions by clicking the button below:



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