Zsófi recently joined KAPTÁR as a host to leave her home office a little and get social again :) She’s a technical translator and translates from English and German into Hungarian. She works for certain clients in specific topics (software user interfaces, help texts, marketing texts) and for some clients according to their needs (e.g. private letters, advertisement, users guides for commercial products).


What is most exciting about new challenges?

When I face a new challenge, the start always seems a bit tough, but maybe the best thing about it is how your brain can magically adjust and build new skills out of nothing in order to help you master the obstacles. It helps you to shift into a new way and this way I can creatively solve tasks.


What have been the biggest milestones in your life?

When I packed my things and left for a foreign country far far away (China) to do an internship. I didn’t know anyone and couldn’t speak the language :) This was such a formative experience for me that it completely changed my way of thinking about this world.


What did you hate most about working from home?

My work is pretty lonely, you just sit there with your pc and only communicate with your clients or the project managers via email sometimes. I missed a community and teamwork. I used to really love these things at my former job. So the idea of KAPTÁR appeared ;)


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