Reliable seat in downtown

You don’t need to keep an overly expensive office in order to have a company seat at the most frequented location in town! KAPTÁR is the entrepreneur base that makes small companies big.


We are in the heart of the city, easy to reach from any point, in a prestigious neighborhood. Your company can benefit from it as well!


We’ll make you famous

Your company logo can get exposure on the front door, we can introduce you on our website, on our Facebook page, and in the newsletter with which we reach more and more people.


120 minutes

We’ll let you know within 120 minutes if you have a mail delivery. Thus you’ll be saved from the nuisance of not receiving post in a timely manner. No more lost mail notification slips or official papers.

Seat packages

Post Address

15,000 HUF/+ VAT / month
  • we’ll hold your post
  • notification of new mail within 120 minutes
  • introduction in newsletter
  • introduction on website
  • logo on the front door and on the website
  • locker fees in the office space: 5,000 HUF + VAT / month

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