For unique events

For unique events

We are the choice of those who don’t feel comfortable in a hotel or restaurant or who are looking for something different. Express yourself with KAPTÁR!


Central location

All roads lead to us. Our office is in the heart of the city: easy to reach by public transport and you don’t have to explain the directions to anyone.


S, M, L

KAPTÁR can be small and big at once. We have been hosting a presentation for 100 people, a group interaction-based small workshop, and a cosy club conversation. All sorts and styles of events can be held with us: we are confident that you’d find it a good fit for your event too.

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Unique atmosphere

Our spaces are flooded with natural light, the architectural solutions are clever and appealing and due to our regular exhibitions you will never get bored with the scenery.


Our event space



In case of renting our eventspace beyond opening times we are charging 20% surcharge – just to cover our team’s extra hours, to be able to offer you assistance also in times, when other places in the city already put out the “closed” sign.


For every event we can provide:

You have access to use our pojectors.

We offer our flipcharts for your meetings.


We always make sure that you are hydrated.
You can choose from several catering packages (see more information below).

You can choose from several catering packages.

BASIC Breakfast

1.300 HUF / person
Coffee or tea, still or sparkling water, cold or hot sandwich, fruit basket

EXTRA Breakfast

2.700 HUF / person
Coffee or tea, still or sparkling water, salads, dips with fresh vegetables, fruit basket


2.000 HUF / person
Soup, main course, pancake

Event menu

15.000 HUF+VAT/package/10 person
Sweet and savoury snacks, 3 bottles of wine

Come and see the space for yourself:

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