At KAPTÁR, we’re always game for a party. So when Jesper Kunuk Egede started a new exhibition, we thought we should have an opening party. In the end, it turned into a threefold celebration, as we had the opening party, a birthday party, and several anniversary parties!

Budapest through a phone

Jesper’s exhibition is called “Budapest through a phone” as all the pictures are snapshots taken with his cell phone. The pictures are from 2014 until now.

“As with my pictures of Greenland last year, I don’t think of this as art, but as documentation of things I’ve met along the way. Budapest has everything and more, so my phone has become my closest ally in documenting my walks through the town. It’s so convenient to have it at hand, everytime something beautiful or funny comes up. I have also taken some quite disgusting pictures, but I didn’t think this was the forum for those,” he laughs.

The pictures are 15 full frame shots, hung all over the office, and then there are 80 Instagram-style photos on two posters. See how many KAPTÁR members you can spot on those pictures!

A birthday party

Our dear Matild from KAPTÁR was also celebrating that night. It was her birthday a few days before, so what better opportunity than to have a few extra glasses of fröccs because of that. But Matild being who Matild is, she turned her focus on the third agenda of the night:

Celebrating anniversaries

Many member of KAPTÁR has been part of the community for several years by now and we thought it’s time to have a toast for our “oldest KAPTÁRians”. An anniversary is a good thing to remember the very beginning and all the exciting times we had together. There were many cases where our members became hosts and even part of the KAPTÁR team during these years. FLEXIE members became FIXIE ones, exhibitors and even Meetup organizers at KAPTÁR Happening. All of the jubilants were introduced by Matild with funny anecdotes and all of them were given a present that reflected their personality.

The party kept going until 11 PM when the remaining guests continued into the glorious nightlife of Budapest.

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