KAPTÁR 2.0: Level UP!

pictures about the opening party

the opening speech:

Today is a day to celebrate. We for example have at least 150 reasons to celebrate. This is the amount of square meters, KAPTÀR did grow today. If we don´t count in the basement, then we just doubled our space. That´s right: We doubled in four years!

And – as the slogan of this event already says – We grew big for you!

Today is a day to celebrate. Especially for us the KAPTÀR community. But it´s also an important day for the co-working world of Budapest or even Hungary. Because today – together with the recent opening of Impact Hub and Mosaik – is a milestone in the co-working history of Hungary. And – not to forget – our friends from Loffice started to write it.

Within four years not only the KAPTÀR reached a next level, but the whole coworking office market of Budapest.

But KAPTÁR isn´t just a co-working office… We are a community office. And we don´t just use this term, because we didn´t find a better one, but because we really mean it. We don´t just want to offer space to the freelancers, who choose us. But also a community, where they can feel like home. Which is inspiring them. And whoes members they inspire too. Maybe everyone in a different way with a different intensity – but collectively.

The KAPTÁR is a living community. A complete little world. I almost said, that it´s a closed little world, but I couldn´t find a worse expression,… because this world is very much open. Maybe our friend Ákos Tolnai, one of our old members put the essence of KAPTÀR in the most perfect words. „First you come because of the office, but then you stay because of the community.“

It´s been more than 5 years since we´ve started to make plans about our dream office. And if you look around it is exactly what you see now. When I look at old pictures of the beginning today, it makes me smile and shiver at the same time… Because in the first months it happened that only 1-2 people worked here besides us. There were even hours, when no one did. It was hard.

Today this seems so far away. Today the bigger challenge is to find enough space around the tables at the community lunches. And our tables are pretty large :-) Thanks to the people who work here, the community events are running perfectly, on their own.  by you. :-) And we simply enjoy the community, which is the essence of KAPtÁR.

You can see, how many different people, from different areas work here. We have: sharing economy experts, producers, software developers and also trainers. There is a professor, who researches in KAPTÁR, there is an urbanist, who plans parts of the city, we also have a member who deals with energy trading.

Even a hungarian movie actor worked here already, or a tv moderator, a citymajor,  or a venture capital investor… Can you keep a secret? …  We can. This is the reason, why we don´t speak about them!

This community has a huge variety and many different kinds of needs. KAPTÁR 2.0 reacts to exact these needs. Lots of new services, which we have planned for years, start today. The community member, who walks up these stairs, won´t just literally find himself on a „higher level“. The KAPTÁR 2.0 isn´t just about the obvious hardware addition. But also about the software. We’d like to introduce the new services: the FLEXIE and FIXIE packages! Let’s start with the FLEXIE.

As you maybe know, the seats in the most co-working offices are mostly flexible. The people can sit down and start to work, wherever they like to, or wherever they find an empty place. In the morning here, in the afternoon maybe there… Of course there are always favourite seats, but it´s more a habit, than a guaranteed right. This doesn´t bother any of our freelancers. Most of them prefer this flexibility. First of all they watt to be free, and this is also a part of freedom. This kind of variety and flexibility.

The goal of our current development is, to offer you more. Also the members, who prefer this casual and free “KAPTÁR classik” version, should get more now.  For example Miki, who told us in advance, that he definitely wants to stay down here, also after the opening of the new level, no matter what kind of regular customer he is.

So we want to offer also him and similar members more. We introduced the new FLEXIE system in their interest! This means, that in future we´re going to count the time differently. We do it in K. In K, which means KAPTÁR day! From now on you can buy different amounts of K´s – KAPTÁR days- for a month. 4K-s 8K-s, 12K-s. Like this you can find a package fitting your needs, even if you only come to KAPTÁR one, two or three days on avarge a week. Our FLEXIE system – as the name already says – gives our members flexibility.

But we also have members, who already let us know some time ago, that they would like to have an own place within KAPTÁR. „My own place, with my own mess” – as one of them said :-) We knew that they were right. But we needed this addition, the new office level, to fulfill this wish.

With the new FIXIE pass, you will have your own, dedicated desk, which you can always count on. You will always find as you left it. Even if you return from holidays. Plus it has an own entering system, so you can leave valuable stuff behind, without any worries.

Today, we proudly share the news with you, that before our official opening today, the majority of the FIXIEs were taken! We thought only Tesla or Apple would be able to achieve this… :-)

There will be a direct transit between the two floors. And the fixies can also come down to work here, just as the flexies can use the meeting room or the phone cabines upstairs.

Dear friends, dear guests!

This day is so important to us, and we want to share our joy with you, because KAPTÁR became what we dreamed of in the beginning, because of these additions. Cosmopolitan but homey. International, but distinctively Budapest-like. You made it to what it is! Because we don´t just grow for you, but with you!

the floor plan of the new storey

alaprajz csöndszoba

1a) Event Room

More and more event manager try to escape the hotel conference rooms, rentable club areas and restaurants these days. (No offense!) To our great pleasure KAPTÁR is a more and more popular alternative to these old solutions. But we had to reject more inquiries, than we could accept. The reason is simple: Events during the day would disturb our community members, and they come first for us. So we only allowed events before 10 am and after 6 pm, and had to pass on many great encounters. We were in lack of a place, which can be discretely separated from the others but is still a part of KAPTÁR. Now we finally have one! Soundproof glass walls, strong office equipment and a projector in cinema quality is what makes KAPTÁR´s new event room even more competitive. Now you can have meetups, workshops, business breakfasts, lunches or dinner at every time of the day, every day of the week.


1b) Silent Room

It´s an „or“ because we will use this area as a silent room, when it´s not rented for events. During that time our community members can use this space, when they have to work very focused on something. Here nothing will disturb this focus, here not even Spotify will be used. If you enter, you should leave everything noisy behind!

Enjoy the silence.

2) Skype Room, aka. 3 Person Meeting Room

We installed these sound proof cabins, to offer our community members more and better possibilities for longer Skype or phone conferences. As you see the space is wide enough to have even one-on-one or three person meetings. (If you need more space just try our meeting room in the middle of the second floor.)


3) Second Floor Meeting Room

It can be used for the same things as our downstairs meeting rooms, it´s just on a higher level. The glass wall of our 4-8 person comfortable new meeting room has a view on the new fixie area, but it can be entered from the chill out area, so it can be used by everyone – external renters or internal members.


4) Large Phone Cabin

It became a habit here, that people make quick calls in the community area, but for longer conversations they go to the meeting rooms or the phone box, in order not to disturb the others. But even a short talk can be confidential and who doesn´t have customers they don´t have to talk to louder sometimes…? Behind the sound proof doors you can´t just have these conversations, but also longer video conferences. The space is big enough for a work desk!

5) Small Phone Cabine aka. Standing Room

This is a tiny but sound proof cabin which is meant for two things: Conversations of short or medium duration and to face your fears if you´re claustrophobic :-)


6) Fixie-area

The word ’fixie’ is about fixed places of course. It´s about the workstations, that are waiting for their owners, even if downstairs the whole flexie area is already filled. (This already happened!) In this room, you have your own, guaranteed desk, which you can fill with your own stuff, and thanks to the extra fingerprint locked entrance you don´t have to worry about more valuable stuff either: you can leave everything in the fixie area.

7) Chill-out Area

Relaxing? Coffe break? Socializing? It doesn´t matter if fixie or flexie – the Kaptarians now have two casual areas to work in. As addition to the „Couch Island“ downstairs, this will be a second comfortable sitting or lying area. And it will be right next to the new tea kitchen, where you can have coffee too of course! (You have freedom at KAPTÁR) Behind the chill-out area are the bathrooms. And according to the member voting it will be separately for ladies and gentleman.)